The Man God Respects

A few days ago, I was reading 2 Kings 3. In this chapter, the king of Israel needs to defend himself against the king of Moab and he asks Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, and he also asks the king of Edom to help him out. Jehoshaphat insists that they go see a prophet for help from the Lord before the fight and so, they go to Elisha.

One verse in this strikes me. The kings of Israel were not noticed for being saints. Chances are, neither were the kings of Edom. Jehoshaphat was one of the righteous kings of Judah though, and when they go to Elisha, Elisha says “Were it not for the fact that I respect Jehoshaphat, I would not speak to you.”

Think about that. This was God’s representative on Earth and he is saying that he respects Jehoshaphat. What does that mean? Have we ever considered what it would mean to be the kind of man that God respects? The most awesome being of all could respect us!

We know there are such people. In Hebrews 11, the writer speaks about the righteous people and says that God is not ashamed to be called their God. What would it mean if God was though? What would it say about me if God would prefer that I do not say I am a follower of his if such is even possible as he wants me to speak the truth?

I really think we should pause and consider this awesome wonder. It is possible to be a man (Or woman) that God respects. It doesn’t mean God bows down to you or anything. It means he does honor you though in that you reflect his image well. Rest assured, God will get the glory in the end, but he also honors you.

Fame among men is fleeting. Fame at the foot of God isn’t. Abraham and Moses weren’t too popular in their time among the people. They are the celebrities of Heaven though. When people talk about who they want to see in Heaven, these two names will normally show up on the list.

What about you? How are you living? Are you bringing shame to Christ or glory? Does God respect you or not? Live your life so he will.

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