Knowing the Propositions

Last night, I wrote about reality and propositions and how some propositions are false and we need to realize the true propositions. I suggested that a good place to go would be Scripture. As I went about my day though since writing that, I had the thought in my mind that sadly, maybe we don’t know enough Scripture to get the true propositions.

I have often worked with several other young apologists. Most of them tend to be younger. One thing I have stressed is a problem I see in many. They are reading many books and that is excellent. I think we should all be well-read. However, THE BOOK is the one that has not been read.

Friends. We need those true propositions in our lives. We need to be in the Scripture absorbing it so we can be thinking God’s thoughts after him. If you consider what Jesus said in his ministry, we fall short. He would go to the Pharisees and say “Have you not read?” Of course they had! These guys knew the OT as we call it backwards and forwards. Do we even treat that text as seriously? Many of us have read the NT, but few have read the NT and the OT.

In Islamic nations, it is not uncommon to meet Muslims who have memorized the Qu’ran. There are even blind men who have the whole text memorized. Think about that. Men who have to read it in braille or have someone read it to them have the whole text memorized. Those of us who can see often aren’t even reading our text.

Is it any wonder we’re also unprepared when the JWs and Mormons come by? These groups are wrong, no doubt, but they are very well-read in the text! It is a shame when those outside of our faith are treating their texts and sometimes our texts more seriously than we are.

Friends. We need truth. The only way to get that though is to seek it. The Scriptures should always be in the mind of the Christian. Learn them well.

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