Worth Fighting For

I’ve been dealing on a forum with someone who has been saying some wrong things about some friends of mine. Now I’m very protective of my friends and I take things said against them very seriously. This one friend told me that evening though that I didn’t need to do so. This person I was defending them against wasn’t worth it.

It’s odd that we say that so often. When we enter a battle like this, we are not just fighting against something. We are fighting for something else. To fight against something is to automatically fight for another thing. We do not fight evil merely to defeat evil. We fight it so that good can prevail.

This is something important in the apologetics field also. We don’t just fight lies for the sake of fighting lies. We fight them for the sake of replacing them with truth. I have heard people say Christ is a crutch and be answered with, “Yeah. I need him to walk. If you kick him out, what will you give me to walk with?” We should keep that in mind. People do live by their worldviews. If we remove one worldview, we need to have the true one to replace it with.

And yet, as I was pulling in this evening, it occurred to me that I could take this idea up to a far more cosmic scale. All of these battles in apologetics that we participate in are mere skirmishes. The real battle has already been won. We are just the soldiers spreading the cause of the king.

However, why did Christ fight? Why did he choose to go to the cross? Did he go just to defeat evil? No. Fighting against implies fighting for something else. Christ when to the cross because he was fighting for the good. He went to win the ultimate battle of good and evil.

And let’s remember most importantly that Christ was fighting for us. What does that say about us then? It says that Christ considered us worth fighting for. For some reason, the God of the universe chose to come down and fight for pitiful little creatures like ourselves and suffer the worst agony that could be suffered just so he could show us he loved us.

Return the favor. Go out and fight for him.

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