Before I write this, let me say that my Trekkie friends did make it clear to me that Spock ws not a doctor ever in Star Trek and that yes, he could sometimes show emotion. I have edited the Spock reference to Mr. Spock in the last blog. What can I say? I did admit uphand that I am not a trekkie, but thanks to my trekkie friends for pointing that out.

On to today’s blog though.

I have returned from my vacation and in order to get to and from my destination, I flew. I had only flown twice before on a plane but this time, I was not nervous about it. My fear of flying in a plane is pretty much gone.  Flying is something that really casts a spell on me though and I figured I’d write about that.

One thing I noticed is that because I’m a guy, I could react differently. On my flight there, I was seated next to a lady and her husband and I had the window seat. As the plane took off, I was looking out the window in amazement and I turned and I saw that for this moment at least, the husband was looking as well.

That’s something about us guys. For us, this plane is simply a big toy and we delight in seeing this toy go up. No matter how old we are, many of us turn back into children again at this point in the flight. How many of us played with toy planes when we were younger and relive that some when we fly in real ones?

The flight though is the main thing. You look out of your window and you see the world down beneath you and it is so incredible. You look out and you see the clouds and you can’t help but marvel. They seem to be structures in the sky. I thought of how the Bible speaks about the Father from whom all fatherhood came. I wanted to speak then of the builder from whom all building came.

I looked at those cloud structures and thought that our greatest sculptors and architects could not begin to compare to the work of God. You know you can’t do so, but at times, you could just get out and walk on those clouds. They seem that real to you. At times, you can look down on them or across at them depending on where you are and think you’re seeing a landscape of snow.

The Psalmist said that the Heavens declare the glory of God and Paul spoke about creation speaking of God’s existence. I thought of the Psalmist mainly being on a plane sometime and looking at the Earth and saying “And yes, the Earth itself also declares the glory of God.” Let us not lose wonder at the heavens, but let us remember the wonder of the ground beneath our feet.

Yes. There is something enchanting about a plane flight. There’s a wonder in thinking of what has been created over time. With the invention of a plane, not only do we get good transportation, but we also get to experience the glory of God in ways the ancients didn’t get to.

Perchance, we should respond by glorifying him even more.

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