Something Exciting Around Here

Some of you are going to think I’m unusual for this. (As if you didn’t have enough reason to already think that I’m unusual.) I carry my digital camera with me to church if I remember it. I have one of those things where I can hang it around my neck. I also visit the church library every Sunday to see if they have anything new in and make recommendations if need be. (Churches. Please support your libraries)

The librarian today sees my camera and asks if I’m planning to take any pictures. I tell her I’m not. I just like to take my camera when I go somewhere. I never know if something interesting will come up. To which she responded in a questioning voice, “Something exciting around here?”

And that statement stuck with me all day.

Why is it that it seems so amazing to think that something exciting would happen? I still have this contention that you could make a major motion picture out of anyone’s life and it would be interesting. I have many friends who are into the series 24. I’ve never seen it, but I bet you could make a real-time TV show of anyone’s life and it’d be interesting. (Well, maybe not when they’re asleep, but if you could get into their dreams then….)

As I write about that, I wonder why I don’t even consider sleep exciting. That is the body rejuvenating itself after a long night. There’s something odd to that. As one who has been in enough surgeries, I find it amazing that I can enter a state like sleep and be cut open and not even feel it. (Although darn it, I sure felt it when I woke up!)

It seems like we should realize our lives have more adventure than we realize. Perchance if we all started thinking of them as adventures, we’d enjoy them more. We can chide people for “playing games” but could it be God is the best at playing games? This life is the adventure that he has designed for us. Yes. The consequences are serious, but every game has consequences.

Isn’t there excitement everyday? What goes into the colors that you see? The world could function in black-and-white, but it is not. It is full of color. We could have food without taste and it’d still be nutritious, but it has taste. What of the joy of several emotions? We could be made like robots with no emotions, but we are allowed to experience joy, happiness, and love.

Ah Love! That is the big one! I can recall one time truly being in love with a lady and I certainly know it was a joy. While I miss it, I do not regret the time in love. Love is such a great joy. It didn’t have to be that way. Animals reproduce without love and I think it seems only dolphins have intercourse for pleasure. God made it different for us. Why? Why are Proverbs 5:18-19 and Song of Songs in the Bible? Could it be God wants us to see how exciting this gift is?

What about simple entertainment? My Sunday afternoons are relaxation time. I only have the internet for MP3s at that time. I’m listening to them and playing for the moment, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. God didn’t need to have any of those around, but he does.

That even gets me thinking further. We’ve all seen people who don’t have one or more of their senses. Have we been thankful for ours? It seems it isn’t until I meet someone who is deaf that I really appreciate my ability to hear. It seems I don’t learn to appreciate sight until I meet someone who is blind. Dr. Paul Brand works with leprosy patients in India who can’t feel pain due to problems with their nervous system and writes about “the gift of pain.” That is a book title of his. He thinks it’s wonderful that we can feel pain and don’t have to worry about mutilating ourselves because we feel nothing. He even tried to create a synthetic pain system once and couldn’t do it! What do we do? We complain and whine if we stub our toes!

As I write, I get thankful that I have the ability to write and to think out these ideas, and I’m all the while honing it. It is truly a gift. Maybe you have one that you can sing or paint or play a musical instrument well or something of that sort. Give thanks for it as well. It is exciting.

Thus, I believe I have found many exciting things just in my ordinary (or not so ordinary) life. I believe I shall stop for now though for if I keep going, I will never reach the end of this blog. You want more things though? Here’s an idea. I’ve got the ball rolling. You go out and find them yourself now.

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