Reflection Time

Let me let you in on a secret of mine. It’s a practice I’ve been trying to instill more regularly throughout my day. Now I have several friends on here that I enjoy speaking to and they know that. However, as much as I enjoy speaking to them, I need some time to myself. Thus, after writing my blog and getting some responses, I usually sign off.

Sunday afternoons are one huge exception. I spend Sunday afternoons usually in leisure bonding with a game. I’ll also in the meantime have MP3s playing of an apologetic nature. Sometimes I’ll listen to debates and sometimes I’ll listen to Seminary courses. Either way, there’s no chatting at that time and no debating. It’s simply relaxing.

The other times though are dedicated to reading. I read the Scriptures and then I read any other book I can. I usually have at least one good book that I’m going through (For instance, I am currently reading David DeSilva’s “Honor, Patronage, Kinship, and Purity”) at the time and then I can read other interesting works. I might read Plato or Chesterton. I’ve lately been trying to go through the Qu’ran and the Apocrypha.

By the way, I find such activity helpful with other religions. I was fortunate enough to find a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita lying around at the mall and I plan on reading that. I think Christians should familiarize themselves with the other holy books. We don’t like a Muslim telling us what the Bible says when they haven’t read it. We should have the same respect.

The Apocrypha doesn’t count as another religion. After all, it is part of our faith tradition even if you’re a Protestant like myself. These were the thoughts that the Jews of the time of Christ were also interacting with and it can help us to familiarize ourselves with them. Not only that, there is some great wisdom in them.

This time I find most essential and if I have time, I will even end it with watching a Smallville DVD. However, the reading reminds me of who I am. I have my recliner here and I just sit back and get a drink and maybe a snack and read and see what comes to me. It is a recharging of batteries.

None of us can run continuously and that doesn’t just mean getting a good night’s sleep. (Lately though, I find myself envying the times when they went to bed when the sun went down and rose again when the sun came up.) This means time in spiritual activity. I wish I could say I was there with prayer already at this point, but I am still working on that one. We all have a way to go. Managing my time has never been a strong point, but setting aside time in the morning and evening when it doesn’t conflict with work helps.

I think we should all have such times to remain strong. There are times to tell friends “I’m busy” and your true friends will understand. Mine always have. I also will say that while the life of the mind is important, take time for just leisure as well. Be willing to go and be with friends sometimes. The fellowship of others is important. While I prefer to be to myself, I do know I have to have the companionship of others in many areas.

Is there anything really apologetic tonight then? Not particularly. However, I will say that time alone will help one in their apologetic endeavors. We all need a break and we all need to learn to focus. Find some reflection time and do that.

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