When it comes to thinking about Jesus as I’ve said, I wanted to find a good place to begin. What better place can there be though than to begin with the fact that Jesus exists? The fact that anything exists should hold us in wonder. We can look at the world and say “All of this might not have been.”

A question that has often been asked to atheists by theists, and I think it is a good question. Why is there anything rather than nothing at all? We could look and ask not just why are we here, but why is anything here? It is nonsense to say all of this came from nothing, yet there amazingly some atheists do hold to this position.

Let’s start with the root of existence. All that is I believe is that which reflects God. What about evil? Evil really isn’t. Evil is an absence and an absence is not a positive existence. It’s showing a lack. It is like saying the empty portion in a glass exists. It just doesn’t really fit.

Christ though is the one who has already existed. Of course, all three persons of the Trinity have existed for all eternity, but Christ is our revelation so that we could know what God is like. Before we know what Christ is like tonight. We need to realize simply that Christ is.

I find this so incredible. Let us think about this one who was from the very beginning and in the bosom of the Father.  And what does John say about this one? This very one who was from all time walked among us! We saw him! We touched him! We heard his voice! He was entirely real! He lived like one of us!

Do we really pause to think about this? This God who revealed himself dwelt among us! When the ancients read John 1:14, they were stunned. How could the Word, which has the divine nature entirely, become flesh? How could that which was God from the beginning live on Earth?

Yet this is what happen! This Christ who eternally existed came and lived above us. Why? He wants us to experience existence as he does. He loves us. He wants to show us his utter delight in us. He wants us to have the most real existence of all. An existence where we reflect him in every way.

And this only starts, because he exists. Let us pause and keep in mind this great wonder. God exists and existence is good.

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