Preparing for the Future

I wrote yesterday about the past. Today, I am going to write about the future and what it holds. I am reminded of the words of my personal hero Ravi Zacharias here in saying “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” I do not consider myself one with divine insight, but one just watching shapes and trends and making a reasonable guess.

I believe the great issue facing our time is relativism and more specifically moral relativism. I believe firmly that if moral relativism is accepted, western civilization will not make it.  I also believe that too many are falling at this point and that this is the main philosophy of ethics taught in our schools. (Values clarification anyone?)

I see this based on the emphasis we have first off on tolerance today. Somehow, tolerance has become the key virtue, yet those who preach it the most are the ones that are the least “tolerant” in their sense of the word to those who disagree. Tolerance has made it where you are not allowed to take a stand for anything.

Now to be sure, we do believe in tolerance as Christians in that we think that we can value the person while disagreeing with them. We tolerate the person but not the false idea. I do believe also that we should hold that everyone has a right to hold certain beliefs in this country.

For instance, if someone wants to hold a rally for abortion rights, go ahead and let them hold it. In fact, I think this is the time for Christians to be in the public square. The best way to deal with them in this case I believe would be in the intellectual realm. We should be willing to face them in debate. This is the way the legal system is designed to work.

In this though, we cannot allow ourselves to be shamed. We cannot be embarrassed to speak out. If Christians will work together and take a stand in the world and go to the polls and act on their Christian beliefs, I believe we could see some major change. The problem is not that there are a lack of Christians. The problem is that we have a lack of Christian action.

The second piece of evidence is the moral decline we have. There are far too many people living together before marriage. There are far too many people that are watching something just to see blood and violence. The porn industry is a major selling industry today. Abortion is on the rise. Teen suicide is a problem in our high schools and high school shootings are showing the worst of it.

One sign though I point to in this is the homosexual movement. This movement is a very very very small minority, yet they’ve been allowed to gain more power than they should have. It has been said that when the homosexuals came out of the closet, they pushed the Christians into it and we’ve been hiding ever since. I think there’s some truth to that.

This is a major threat due to the attack the homosexual movement is making on marriage which is the foundation of the family. The family is the building block of society. Destroy the family and the society falls. We’re already destroying much of the society through abortion.

The way to allow this will be to dispense with morality. It is what is holding us back from America’s favorite god today of sex. We will sacrifice morality for pleasure thinking that morality is what is keeping us from pleasure. Were the ancients here, they would say morality is the way to pleasure.

This is why when talking to a ministry friend of mine yesterday that I said we needed to study and be ready to defend the book of Leviticus. When the homosexual movement wants to reinterpret a book of Scripture first, it is Leviticus. How many people will say “Well, Leviticus does say homosexuality is an abomination, but it also says that about eating shellfish!” or “This was only for the cultic practices involved.”

Thus, I could begin looking closer at this book for us. I do believe though that this is essential as the battle will hit the church as it already is. More and more churches are bending at this point. This is a battle we cannot afford to lose. Moral relativism is coming. Now is the time to fight it.

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