Happy Birthday to my friend Cruiser

Those who know me well will know why I title the blog the way I do since the lady I wish to honor tonight would not be known by many as Cruiser. A select few of us though do know her as that, but this one deserves special honor as well. I shall call her Cruiser though for the remainder of this blog.

Cruiser is one that I’ve never met, but would love to. When I think of people that possess a heart of gold, I think of her. I have found her to be someone I can talk to about anything. (In case people who don’t know who she is, I’ll go on and state that she’s older than I am and has been happily married for several years.) She has become a “Mom” to several of us.

Cruiser has a very sweet side. She’s the one who always greets you with a hug and will always take the time to listen to whatever pain is in your life. For me, she’s been there through one of the happiest times of my life and she’s also been there through one of the saddest.

That’s the big thing though. She’s been there. She is in no way a fair-weather friend. She is someone you can count on to always be there. Don’t think though that she’s a pushover. She is far from it. People who know Cruiser know that when she gets angry, you’d better get out of the way. She can turn from sweet and kind to fierce and deadly in seconds, and most of us enjoy it when she does.

Through thick and thin, Cruiser is always there for you. She’s just one of these people who is so sweet and kind that she just naturally draws people to her. Once you get to know her, you can’t not like her. Her personality is catching and it is a blessed disease to be stricken with.

She’s also someone several of us relentlessly tease who know her. Don’t think it’s because we’re rude. She actually loves it! (And I’m going to get whacked several times for this blog.) That’s something that makes her so awesome. She’s someone that you can joke with endlessly. Several decades from now, we’ll still be teasing Cruiser.

Cruiser is a joy to be around. She means the world to those of us who know her and if you do not know her, you are missing out. The world is a better place though because Cruiser is here and I look forward to seeing her in Heaven one day.

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