The Adventure of Inconvenience

When I was driving home from my trip Thursday, my associate pastor and I got a flat tire on our way home. He was wondering why it happened and if only we had stopped at the rest stop sooner. (btw, we did get someone down there to fix it relatively quickly.) I told him G.K. Chesterton’s quote that an inconvenience is an adventure wrongly understood and an adventure is an inconvenience rightly understood.

I had a great reminder of this last night. I sign off of the net to get in some reading, but I have a friend who’s going to send me a file so I keep my computer on. After a good time of reading, I go and check on the computer. Lo and behold, someone IMs me after I remove my away message and I’m caught in a conversation.

I really want to get to bed…..

I’m nice though. I stay up and chat some and in the middle of that, another friend of mine contacts me. I tell her I want to get to bed and somehow, we start talking about my feelings in relation to my upcoming move. I find that that conversation was one of the most beneficial ones and I was greatly blessed by it. It has kept me going all of today.

And how did that start? I would not have been on to hear her if I had not decided to stay up? It was an inconvenience that for some reason, I couldn’t download the files on my own. It was also one that someone else signed on and kept me up later than I wanted to. However, because of both of those, I was able to hear something I needed to hear.

Now was the hand of God at work? I truly can’t say. However, that is always a possibility. I just thought immediately about Chesterton’s quote. Here I had been complaining about something and it turned out that because of that something, I received such a great blessing that evening.

Friends. We’re too quick at times to realize what could be going on. What blessings might come because of something we consider in our way at first? I look back now and wish my eyes had been more open. I do believe everything is allowed to happen for a reason and there’s something I can learn from it all.

Thus, last night brought some personal revival to me and I have been thinking much about things that have been said. Keep watching the Deeper Waters blog as I share more thoughts on it over the next few days.

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