Erica Corder, A Heroine For Us All

Let me tell you about Erica Corder. Erica Corder is a young woman who was pointed out to me by an agnostic. While it was intended to shame, I hope my article will be used for glory. Why? Because I never heard of this girl until today, but now that I know about her, I think she’s a hero for us all.

What did she do? She was Valedictorian of her class and after her speech, she chose to speak briefly on Jesus Christ. School officials made her apologize in a group email for these remarks before they would give her her diploma. Now, she’s fighting back. She and her family are suing for the right to free speech and the only money they want is to pay attorney fees.

The principal, Mark Brewer, in the story told her that her comments were immature. I’ll tell you all this. There is someone immature here and it is not the girl. What is immature is whining because you think you were permanently scarred because someone mentioned Jesus Christ in a graduation speech.

Now someone might say, “Well what if it was a Muslim?” If a Muslim wanted to at the end give thanks to Allah and tell people to read the Qu’ran, let them. I have no problem with that. I am not afraid of other ideas being out in the marketplace. Why? As long as they’re open to discussion, I am convinced that Christianity can beat them all.

I say we need to honor this girl. A Christian who is silent is not going to change their society around them. This girl is taking a stand and to quote pop culture, “You go girl!” I wish more Christians would take stands like this. Part of what’s held us back is that we haven’t spoken when we’ve been trampled on.

Erica is speaking. For that, I honor her! If anyone wants to see it, here is the story itself.,1299,DRMN_15_5686493,00.html

Congratulations Erica Corder! You have your own post here because frankly, you deserve it for reminding us all that we should stand for our faith! May many more follow after you!

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