God, Grease, and Girls

I hope by now it’s been shown in my blogs that I am fully male. I say this because I was in a chat last night with some internet friends, which is how I spend many an evening. I was in a musical mood and went to my music files on my computer and started listening to Final Fantasy music.

I hear some of you right now. “What kind of geek listens to music from Final Fantasy?” The answer is, a Final Fantasy geek.¬† I love the music in the series because it always gets me in mind of preparing for an adventure. Play some of the music from that and I’m ready for action. I frequently hum the tunes throughout my day.

Then comes one of my male friends who is a truly awesome friend. (Yeah my friend. You need to know that.) He starts talking about a girl that he’s been talking to. I’m surrounded by guys and we’re typical guys. We want to know everything he’s willing to tell us. I thought of that scene then from the movie Grease.

If you remember Grease, it’s the story about High School several years ago and a bad boy and a good girl getting together. John Travolta played the bad boy and Olivia Newton-John played the good girl. I can’t say I like everything that happened in it, but it’s an enjoyable one to watch and the music is especially catchy.

My mind goes to the scene with the guys on the bleachers talking about girls the way guys talk about girls usually. The girls are in a picnic type area of the school having lunch talking about guys the way girls talk about guys I suppose. Olivia and John are both asked what they did and they start talking about meeting each other. The song goes back and forth between them with the girls asking girly questions and the guys asking the questions of guys.

If you remember it (It’s called Summer Nights if you want to find it on YouTube), all the guys and the girls that are in the “Chorus” throughout are saying “Tell me more! Tell me more!” That will always be followed by a question. Throughout the chat, I was simply saying “Tell me more! Tell me more!”, even though¬† I didn’t follow it with a question. A comedic side had come up.

I thought about it though. In Grease, this is a simple story being told. Guys have encounters with girls they like of a non-sexual nature everyday, but it’s still something exciting to hear about, especially if you’re a guy talking to a friend. I compared that to what was going on in Grease.

It’s an everyday thing, but it seems like the music just draws one in. The music reminds me that this isn’t really everyday though. It’s a story as well. That’s why you say “Tell me more! Tell me more!” You want to hear how the story ends. We all assume when we read a story that it is going somewhere. It may not go where we like, but we expect it to go somewhere.

This is what makes life exciting when viewed as a story. We are all characters in this story. One could even picture a heavenly council of angels and one angel talking about something happening with one of us and another answering “Tell me more! Tell me more!” I suspect our lives could be the stories of Heaven. We have the audience of angels watching to see how the story turns out.

This is also where God comes in. Stories go somewhere. Our lives are to go somewhere. Unlike many stories, the characters do have some freedom, but rest assured, the characters are going somewhere. However, is the life really an adventure? Is it a quest to reach a goal for an eternal purpose? Or is it simply something that you go through and in the end there’s nothing?

How you answer will determine how you live your life. You all know how I’ve answered. The question is, if you agree with me, are you living accordingly? Are you enjoying your life for the story that it is?

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