It’s A Whole New World

Greetings Readers! Have you missed me?! I really hope you have! I’ve missed getting to do the blog! I’ve got so many thoughts going on in my head I really don’t know necessarily how to begin. There are times that there are a thousand ideas and then there are none. For anyone reading this wondering what I’m talking about, I’ve just moved to a new city and a new state with an awesome friend of mine who is my roommate.

Things are going well. We just today got internet and basic cable and hallelujah, we have the CW. That means I get to watch Smallville tomorrow! Readers of my blog know that this is my TV obsession. Fortunately, I get off from work in time in order to watch it. (Yeah. I transferred from one location to another in my job so it was a simple process.)

My job has me in a position where from time to time I have to look at Driver’s Licenses and I see all these new places and roads mentioned on them that I haven’t seen here and it makes me think that there’s so much to explore. I also find it interesting that I’m sure most people assume that I have lived here a long time and I’m not the new person in town. Isn’t it amazing the assumptions we make at times?

I have been in awe when I stop to think about it. There is still some system shock. I haven’t slept in past 9 yet I don’t think, but I’m getting used to things here. I still find it amazing when I wake up in the morning and can see a little bit out of the window and after a few seconds my mind recollects and remembers, “Yes. That’s where you are.”

It’s just that this is a whole new world, but I realize my goal must remain the same. I must keep in mind why I am here. There are so many new experiences and things to go through.  It’s quite exciting to drive down the streets and realize that you are so far away from everything and this time, the battle is more dependent on you than ever.

Of course, my roommate helps out a lot with that. My roommate is an excellent friend of mine and we’ve already had a number of interesting adventures here unpacking. Ever tried to get a sofa up a very small staircase? It is nothing easy to do, and while we still had some help at the time, it took us about an hour to do it.

He’s a great guy though, and I think it’s been a real calming influence. The first time I moved out, I was a bit nervous for awhile, but I haven’t gone into any kind of, what I call, “panic state” at all. Now some of that might be because I’ve grown some over the years which I’m sure is true, but I think part of it is also the power of friendship.

My own stretching at this point has been interesting. My roommate is good at basic work involving tools around the house. I’m the type that would make Tim Taylor on Home Improvement look like a professional. I’ve been learning how to put things together though and use basic tools and been enjoying it. I took great delight in helping put together a new bookcase I got and then hanging up Smallville pictures. I was also the one who actually hooked up our TV and game systems. My roommate did the computer systems and did an excellent job of them.

I have been to the Seminary I plan to attend and I really hope to rock at Seminary. I understand I’m already well-familiar with the course material so as the admissions guy said, “I’m ahead of the game.” I suppose that’s the benefit of studying for years. It’s going to be a grand adventure though and I have a dream of walking across that stage and getting my Master’s. I think it’s been a long time since anyone in my family has.

Friends who read this blog. I see that several of you have been coming faithfully and that pleases me greatly. Before I left, I even found out about one of my secret readers who I didn’t even realize read the blog everyday. It was a great joy to hear such a thing. I know this blog isn’t really apologetics stuff tonight entirely, but I want you all to know where I’m at.

Pray for me please in this adventure. Pray for my roommate also. We’re both in this together after all. Pray that he and I both succeed on the paths we have chosen. Thank you for your continued prayers and reading the DeeperWaters blog.

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