The Love of Sinners

I got to speak tonight on a radio program that was totally impromptu. I had no idea it was coming, but my friends say that I handled it well. The topic of homosexuality came up. This post is not going to be about homosexuality though. This post is going to be about how Christ responds to sinners.

The other speaker on this program came from the non-Christian point of view. He was asking how we can have such discrimination and hatred towards homosexuals in not allowing them to marry. This was taken as a main objection against Christianity and some things must be said.

First off, this is not the point. The claim of Christianity that is the bedrock is that Jesus Christ came and died and rose again. If that is not true, then who cares about the other point? The other point could still be true of course, but you will not destroy Christianity by proving it false.

However, there is something that must be said. Christ came for sinners. He did not come to destroy them, but to save them. He came to seek and save that which was lost. When Christ came, he did speak red-hot scorching words against sin, but he showed the greatest of love to sinners.

Who did Christ have a problem with? It was those who thought they had no sin. Because they know the truth though, their guilt remains. It was the righteous people of the time who troubled Christ. Those who come and admit they are sinners he loved unconditionally and said were in the kingdom of heaven.

We should be the same, especially since we are to be Jesus to them. We are to love sinners and hate their sins, and there is no contradiction in this. We all love ourselves, but we don’t love everything about ourselves. Christ called us to be his body on Earth. While he was on Earth, he showed love. So should we.

That is brief and short but just my thoughts. If we believe Christ can change the sinner, then let us live that out in our love.

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