Read The Book

I talked some yesterday about books and doing research. This plea of mine is to several young Christian apologists I know. Sadly, it probably applies to several people who have been in the faith for years, though maybe not in the area of Christian apologetics. It is a criticism I have of many that I think needs to be dealt with.

Too many of them read a lot of books, which I am not against, but they have not read THE BOOK.

Friends. We all need to get Scripture under our belts and I would that before you read any other book on Scripture, that you would read Scripture. In fact, after you read the Scripture through, I would suggest you do something else. You start reading it through again. Of course at that time, I recommend other books. It has been said that a man of the book will be a man of many books.

The first time I finished the book, I was in 7th grade. I know at one point in High School I had read it through four times. Now I’ve lost count. It’s probably around a dozen now. My life is all the better for it. No one can present me with a verse or a story in an argument that I haven’t seen.

And of course, this puts Scripture on my memory many times. I can usually have a verse or a passage in mind for any situation. The more you read Scripture, the more you will be able to recall it to your memory. The more it will become part of your being and you will know it like you know the back of your hand.

Indeed, we should all be like this. Too often, I even approach it as just another book. Oh friends! Pray that I restore my passion as well, but mark my words! If you have not read the book, do yourself a favor and do so. It is God’s gift to you. Embrace it!

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