True Sexual Prowess

In a discussion with a non-Christian, I have had him mention something about sexual prowess. Now I’m thinking then the idea of sexual prowess is involving how much sexual experience one has. What that involves then is how many women one has been with. Thus, the idea of a man with sexual prowess is he’s able to romanticize many women.

I’d like to challenge that view.

Men. Any of us could go out tonight and find a lady to sleep with us. If I wanted to, I could go out and find a lady of the night and have myself a time tonight. (Granted, I really don’t know how I’d go about doing that, but I’m sure I could find a way.) There really isn’t much challenge.

Also, many of us probably have fully functional systems. That we’d be able to fully perform in a sexual encounter is not much of a deal honestly. Granted, there are some men with various conditions, but for most of us, we don’t really have that fear when it comes to sexuality.

Now if that is the case, why is that such a big deal? In our society, it really isn’t much to get a lot of women to take their clothes off and allow themselves to be used like this. Unfortunately, we men have been far too eager to help them going about this. We live in an age where we are copying the animals. Indeed, even arguments about morality today point to what animals do.

I’d like to say what real sexual prowess is.

You know as well as I do men that sometimes, it seems hard to make a woman happy. It really does. How many times does a husband go crazy just wondering what his wife really wants? How hard can it be for us to go to the store and buy something for the women in our lives because it has to be just the right gift? How easy can it be for us to completely annoy them by the way we act at times?

With all that said, you want to know what true sexual prowess is?

True sexual prowess is being able to take a woman like that who you can legally call your wife and make her happy.

It’s not just in the bedroom either. If you can please her in the bedroom but nowhere else, you’ve lost. If you please her everywhere else, you will please her in the bedroom. True sexual prowess is pleasing her at breakfast, it’s pleasing her by calling her or sending an email throughout the day, it’s pleasing her by bringing home a flower for her.

True sexual prowess is pleasing her by being a right father to the kids. It’s by changing diapers and telling bedtime stories. True sexual prowess consists of working hard for your wife throughout the day, but when you get home, leaving that work behind and doing your part. It consists of not coming in and just saying “What’s for dinner?” and sitting on the couch with the TV remote.

True sexual prowess consists of being there when your kids have games at the school. It consists of being waiting by the door when your daughter has her first date and making sure her date treated her right. It consists of talking straight to your kids about sex and listening to them when they need you. It consists of you loving their mother in their eyes.

Yes gentlemen. That is true sexual prowess and I am convinced that if you please your lady in those areas, that she will be more than happy to please you in the bedroom and I am sure she will be happy to do so often.

Perchance this is why so many men don’t have true sexual prowess. What I’ve described isn’t easy. It terrifies me when I think about it and I hope I can live up to it. It would be so easy to just go to multiple women and get my kicks that way.

No. A woman deserves the best though. She deserves a man. Not a boy. You want to be a true man for a woman? Do these things.

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