What Is

I’ve decided to do yet another series. I’m reading a book called “Telling Each Other The Truth.” In talking with Gary Habermas over some problems of mine, he recommended I order the book “Telling Yourself The Truth.” The company sent the wrong book unfortunately, but I figured I’d read it and I am enjoying it.

It makes me think about how important truth is. Habermas has concluded from the books, and I agree, that what is more important is not what happens to us, but what we tell ourselves about what happened to us. I have referred to this before by saying that A’s don’t cause C’s.

A does not cause C

Yet we are to be people of the truth. We are to approach reality as it is. We are to affirm that which is true and deny that which is false. The Christian is the one that can embrace reality as a whole because he knows that in the end, all things work for good to them that love the Lord.

So, for a time, I will be dealing with this issue. We will be looking at how our beliefs line up with the world. I actually won’t discuss many of the beliefs directly, but simply give you signs on how you and I as well could be telling ourselves false beliefs and how these false beliefs will affect us.

Why? Because you will act on what you believe. If you have a false belief about something, you will have a hard time with reality. Now naturally, I don’t think any of us will develop perfect beliefs before eternity. We’re all still learning. I also don’t say we will know all things. Having false knowledge is different from having limited knowledge.

I hope it’s an exciting journey as we go along this ride. I hope especially that you and I both will learn something from it.

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