Thank God For Friends

I had a pretty hectic evening I’d say. My workplace was rushed and I had somewhat of a headache, (still do actually) and my feet felt like they would fall off. I came home tonight though and started chatting with my roommate and before too long we’re off doing some internet activity on a forum together.

I think more and more about the joy of my friends. I look at where I am at in the world and in my life now and realize that while I did take the prerogative to do what I am doing, that I would not have done it and would not be able to keep doing it if it wasn’t for the support of my friends.

I am incredibly thankful for these people that God has allowed to put in my life. As my roommate and I laugh back and forth concerning an incident tonight, I think back to that one day he contacted me with a simple message. From there began a long friendship which has come to this point. If it wasn’t for the friendship of others though, I wouldn’t have met this friend I have today either.

These people are people we just tend to take for granted sometimes. I recall the definition of a friend as one who knows everything there is to know about you, but likes you anyway. I am a character with many strange idiosyncracies, yet my friends like me and support me anyway and it just blows me away.

I often hope I can do the same for them. When my friends are attacked, it is one thing that will thoroughly make me angry. They can go after me all they want to, but when someone goes after my friends, then that is an act of war. I fight on the side of my friends. They stand with me and I with them.

Each of us has been there. We’ve seen good times and we’ve seen bad times. My friends have seen me when I’ve been happy and they’ve seen me when I’ve been sad. They’ve seen me when I thought I could handle any opponent and they’ve seen me when I thought I couldn’t handle anyone.

If I need an ear to talk to, there are several people I know I can turn to. My cell phone is filled with contacts. I can pick it up and call them and if it is an emergency, I know that they would be there for me. There’s a great joy in going down that list and seeing friend after friend after friend.

I am not an emotional person, but as I write this, I do get emotional. It’s hard not to, and I think it’s a good thing that I do. When I’m depressed nowadays, I think about my friends and how much they mean to me. When I am scared about the future, which sometimes happens, I think about them and realize they will be there.

I even think about my old church. As I write this, someone from back there is in IM with me wanting to talk about how it is doing and they are finally teaching apologetics. That pleases me greatly. My church was generous enough that they took a love offering for me to go to Seminary which has paid for my first course. I’m a member of a church here now, but they still email me about things that are going on. I’m still treated like a member.

We near the holiday season now. I look forward to seeing my family, but I still must say “Thank God for Friends!”

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