Christmas Eve

On this day before Christmas, I’d like us to consider what really happened. I’m heading out soon to see family, so this will be brief. Let’s put ourselves in the position of someone the night before the original Christmas.

The Messiah had not entered the world.

The sacrifices were still being offered to make sure we were forgiven.

God had been silent for 400 years.

The world was ruled by an oppressive empire.

The Jews were in political turmoil with various parties not knowing how to respond to Rome.

The hope of Israel was being awaited.

A virgin girl was wondering just what was going on with her being pregnant.

The one she was betrothed to was looking for a place to keep her safe as she was about to give birth.

Inns were filled with people simply trying to make it back home for the census. (The original Christmas traffic!)

An elderly lady was caring for a newborn son named John.

A priest had had a son in his old age making the people wonder what was happening.

A man named Simeon was waiting in a temple for the redemption of Israel he had been promised to see.

The enemy was preparing to rile up the force of Herod soon to deal with the Messiah.

Angels were on stand-by to announce the good news.

Shepherd were in the field expecting another day.

All of this changed though. Within 24 hours, God himself came into the world in a way no one expected.

Today, enjoy yourself, but remember what came next was the real gift.

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