The Day After Christmas

Is it just me, or is the day after Christmas depressing?

You go into all the stores and it’s like they can’t wait to get rid of that Christmas music and some people are even pleased that it’s no longer being heard. Yep. Eleven months of the other stuff is fine, but don’t dare make us listen to music over and over that celebrates the time Christ came into the world.

Before Christmas, everyone is always wishing you a Merry Christmas. After that, it’s just another day. The main question that you’re asked will be if you had a Happy Holiday. I tend to think this is just being cordial. In all honesty, I think we’ve made courtesy rude today. People ask things not because they want to be nice I fear, but because it’s customary to do so. I’d rather hear a genuine thanks and please than one that is forced. I’d rather hear someone say “How are you?” who I know cares rather than someone who says it for the sake of saying it.

It also makes me wonder how much we really know about history. Unfortunately, America is often the nation where we know more about the last sixty minutes than the last sixty centuries. I’ve been shocked at how many people I meet that seem to not realize what happened on 9/11 for instance. Oh we remember that, but it’s like it doesn’t really matter. We want everything resolved now.

We’ve already moved on past time spent with our loved ones and the sharing of memories. We’ve forgotten those people that we left behind. Instead, it’s back to the races and sadly, it could be that we have left the Christ child behind as well. I’m sure many people attended church last Sunday, but will they again this Sunday, or did they do their yearly duty?

One would think if this was the most wonderful time of the year and it was meant to bring about such a change, that it would have some lasting effect. I remember driving down the road yesterday and seeing so many businesses closed for Christmas. Today, everything is back to normal again. Now I’m not against business of course, but it seems we might be in too much of a rush to get back to the same rat race. Perchance even businesses should reflect on the time?

I’m also not against enjoying gifts! I’ve certainly enjoyed some. Today, I put together the vacuum cleaner I got for instance. I also watched another episode of Monk tonight. I look forward to starting a new book that I got soon. However, have we taken the time to consider the friends and family that got us those gifts and that they looked into our souls to buy them hopefully?

One of the best gifts I got once was a crystal cross from a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. It was a small thing and probably didn’t cost that much. Why was it such a great gift? Simple. I knew this person had looked at me and not having seen me in awhile and not sure what to get, had my faith pop into mind and decided to buy me a cross.

Have we reached the point where we have started moving so fast that we can’t even take time to celebrate that which is good? I am just as guilty! I feel often that I am running the rat race at work and the actual time I could spend enjoying my life I don’t do. Some people might wonder why I’m watching Smallville or Monk or playing Final Fantasy when there’s ministry to be done. Simple. We can’t be all work and no play. We’ll get burnout too quickly. When I work, I work hard. When I play, I play hard as well.

Today is December 26th. I wonder how much of December 25th will be in our minds when the 27th comes.

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