A Coming New Year

I’m doing the blog early because of a New Year’s Eve event going on at the church. I had a friend write something today about New Year’s Eve being a favorite holiday. I can kind of understand that. There is always a feeling of excitement. I’m used to sitting and watching the ball come down and waiting for each second to pass.

A lot of people will make New Year’s Resolutions. I gave up on that a long time ago. We never do them and we end up having guilty because we don’t keep them, even though we made the same resolutions several years ago and we didn’t keep them then. You think we’d learn our lesson.

The New Year though is a time for us to look back. What all happened? 2007 has been a big year for me. I hope it’s been one for you. I had a lot of good happen, but maybe some of you didn’t have it happen. Maybe for some this was a year of tragedy. Maybe you’re hoping that 2008 will be far better.

Maybe some of you are dreading the new year though. Maybe the bills are piling up and you’re wondering how you’ll make it. Maybe you have a terminal illness and you wonder if this will be your last year on Earth. Maybe you’re suffering from depression and you’re wondering if you have to put up with another year and can you really handle it?

At times like this, it’s good to realize that the God who was there in 2007 is still the same God of 2008. In fact, in classical theism, 2008 is already a done deal. God’s already seen it all and he’s still Lord of it all. That fact alone should be enough to eliminate any worries we might have about 2008. Unfortunately, I doubt it will be for you and I doubt it will be for me. The flesh still kicks in.

Now some of you might be saying “But I don’t know what will happen in 2008!” Here’s my question then. Do you know anyone who does? Last I checked, none of us knows the future. (Unless you’re Miss Cleo sitting in a jail cell….) All of us are facing it with the same condition. We don’t know it.

I instead intend to see the New Year as a year of adventure. In my personal life, there has been a lot happening lately that is exciting. I expect to see more of it happening. I returned from the Seminary bookstore today with three new books that I am eager to tear into.

When facing the afterlife, Socrates said that it made sense to view the unknown with fear. Why should it be scary because it is unknown? Children don’t do this. They see the unknown as something to explore. It’s when we start to think that the world is out to get us and that God cannot be trusted that we start to get afraid of the unknown.

2008 is coming. For us, it is unknown, but for God, it is known. Let’s trust him. Dear readers. Do be careful tonight of course though. We know that a lot of people are driving who shouldn’t be. Celebrate the New Year and gladly welcome it in, but be responsible about it as well. If you drive home late at night, be cautious.

Happy New Year! This will be the last blog of 2007 and I look forward to the first of 2008.

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