Living Now

I was driving the interstates of my state today and just got caught by surprise pondering what I saw. There’s an airport nearby so I see a plane flying in the air still fairly low so that I can see it slowly turning. I’m driving on an interstate but also driving under one. I see cars driving by ahead of me on these huge metal structures. All the while, I’m driving a big piece of metal. (Alright. Some plastic. I drive a Saturn.) I’m a very lightweight guy, but here I’m controlling this much weight.

There are some times that if I didn’t live in the present, I’d think I lived in the future.

I simply find it amazing what we have in our day and age. I’m taking a brief look around this area now. I am on my computer first off. It contains so much information that I cannot even fathom it. I am not a scientist or a techie. I have no clue how this stuff works, but I am amazed.

When I get done with this blog, I will move this little mouse thing and click one button and before long, people all over the world will be able to read what I have written. When in a voice chat, my voice is carried all across the world and people on the other end of a computer can hear what I have to say.

Makes you wonder what the apostle Paul would have done in evangelism with our technology today.

I see next to me a TV. Now we speak of the evils of TV, but I think there’s a wonder there. We can have images sent all over the world through that screen. Hooked up to it are my video game systems. I can push buttons on a controller and what is on the screen will correspond to what I am pushing.

As a Smallville fan, I also have a DVD player. I was just watching Monk awhile ago. I find it amazing that those little disks can contain all those images and sounds and I can put them in and I can watch something whenever I want to. The same with music CDs when putting them in a CD player.

Meanwhile, there are lights all around me. In the past, we had to light candles and any number of things to get light. Today, we no longer have to do that. I just have to turn on a switch and I can see all that is around me. There is no rubbing sticks together and having to make a fire to light up the house or even to provide heat.

How much farther I could go! I could explain what is in the kitchen. I could talk about central heat and air. I could talk about indoor plumbing in the bathroom and the ability to take a shower. I can have bookcases filled with books that are easily printed. I have my cell phone nearby also to talk to those far away.

There are times I wonder why I wasn’t born in biblical times. I think of some advantages. People seemed more dedicated then. Being a guy, I would have been married many years ago and would probably have a few kids. There was much more discussion I think on religious matters.

Yet I have to look and think that God put me in this time and place for a reason and made me who I am for a reason. He didn’t make a mistake and say, “Ah. He should have existed 2,000 years ago.” I exist now for a reason. The question really is not “What would Paul do in our day and age.” That can motivate us, but the real question is “What are we going to do with it?”

We’ve been given a goldmine chance. We know more about things than anyone else ever has. We live in the best time thus far I think to spread the gospel. Not only that, we are discovering more and more wonder in being able to see distant galaxies and see inside the cell.

Enjoy it, but use it wisely. You’re here now for a reason.

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