Why I Rejected Christianity Review: The Exodus

This will be a short one as this is a short section basically calling into question the historicity of the Exodus. I recall Walter Kaiser saying that with archaeology, the best thing to do is wait. Many findings have been made to the point where things once thought non-existent are seen as basic knowledge today. Kaiser would tell you even problems that are still waiting for solutions, but simply wait. Don’t buy an argument from silence.

Let’s look at some statements. First off, it’s highly unlikely the Pharaohs would record their own defeats, especially an embarrassing one like this. What Pharaoh would say that he chased the runaway slaves into the sea only to have the waters come crashing down around them and bury them?

Secondly, what archaeological evidence is to be found? I doubt that some of the material would hold well under the water for so many centuries. Chances are, we are more likely to find something in a tablet making a reference to an unusual event. (Glenn Miller to be cited later does have such an instance.)

As to the difficulties of the crossing, Glenn Miller gives a better picture of the territory that would need to be crossed. His excellent article is here:


I definitely recommend it.

Other than that, there really isn’t much to say tonight. We simply have arguments from silence. I’m still of the same opinion. Wait. The Bible has shown itself to be reliable in other areas. I will trust it in this one also.

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