You Worry Too Much

Thursday night, I had kind of had a brain spasm and was talking with a friend on IM when my usual company came over for Thursday night Smallville. I set up an away and joined my friend and we chatted for awhile after Smallville and then I went back to internet stuff when he left. As I was wrapping up my evening, I looked and there was my away and a question from my friend.

I’d forgotten him completely!

So I send off an apology. I really hate it when I do something like that.

The next day he speaks to me and says “You worry too much.”

Indeed, I do. I’m sure many of my readers could be of the same personality type that I am and can relate. Every silver cloud has a dark lining. Whatever goes good in life, we will find a bad way to look at it.

Relate this to another situation. Many of us would be great if we could follow our own advice. I was thinking about this with another friend of mine who around a year or so ago had spoken to me concerned about their relationship with a third friend of ours. This first friend was so worried that they’d ruined the friendship with the second friend. I told them not to worry. We too often make temporal problems into eternal ones.

So I IM this first friend last night and ask “How are things between you and X?” And I get the reply of “Fine. Why? Is there something I should know about?” Then I remind this friend of the conversation we had so long ago.

Many of us seem to do this often. We worry and fret about something and then in a month or so, we realize that we were worrying about nothing. It all just passed away. However, at that moment, the emotions are high and we have to wait for our reason to kick back in again. The problem is not that we have emotions. The problem is when we let those emotions control our reason.

We worry too much then. We need the perspective of Heaven. Think about this. Whatever you are dealing with, it will seem like nothing in eternity when you are in the presence of God. What’s the difference? God is there!

Isn’t he here now?

You don’t see his manifest presence of course, but he’s here all the same. Isn’t his eternal perspective still the same? Yes. Isn’t he the one who tells us in Matthew 6:25-33 not to worry? Yes he is. Isn’t he the one who assures us that all things will work for our good in Romans 8? Yes he is.

Conclusion: We need to stop worrying. We do it too much. It never solves anything and it robs us of the joy of today.

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