To My Mom

It’s not likely she’ll get to read this, but it’s Mother’s Day. This should be a special holiday for Christians as it’s Christianity that was a religion that really gave the family honor. If you read the Republic, you see the idea of Plato wanting to ship away children from their families. Our value of the family I believe is a result of having a Christianity that focused on the family.

So I’ll try to see if she can get this, but this is for my Mom on Mother’s Day.

Now I got her a gift, of course, which I don’t really want to go into now, but it really touched her heart and she was quite pleased with it. Mothers are something different. My roommate and I were discussing this when we had Mormon visitors Friday afternoon. I brought up the point first, which was agreed, that I can spend hours in a mall shopping for the “perfect” Mother’s Day gift, yet when Father’s Day rolls around, it’s five minutes and I’m done.

Is it because fathers are less? Not at all. My Dad and I are quite close, especially with Smallville! There’s just something different about Moms. I don’t know what it is, but most guys I know seem to want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for their mothers.

This was a hard Mother’s Day for my Mom also. Normally, I’ve always been there, but this year, I’m a great distance away. It’s the first Mother’s Day she hasn’t got to see me. Naturally, I called and talked to her, but that was it, other than said earlier gift. I know it’s hard and if I could, I would have gone to see her, but it just wasn’t feasible this year.

I’d like to thank her though for helping me become the man I am today. I’d like to thank her for believing in me and encouraging me. There was that time I was preparing to move here and I really wasn’t in the mood to start packing in my apartment. Then she called and talked to me and said how she wants to see me be the next Ravi Zacharias and she wants to be there when I walk across the stage.

As soon as I got off the phone, you couldn’t keep me from packing.

Having a mother behind you that believes in you is everything.

Yes. My mother sometimes nags me and annoys me, but she means well and I have to realize that. She knows that she’s like this at times also. That’s when I tell her that she just needs to let go. It’s hard for her to realize, but her part is done now. She’s still there for me, but not in the same capacity. The bird has left the nest and must fly alone.

There was the time a photographer came to the place where she works and made a disparaging remark about her. My Dad had asked me to not call and say anything to the company this guy worked for.

Fat chance.

When my mother called, she was told, “Your husband and son have already called.” No one insults my mother and gets away with it.

My mother is also remarkably beautiful for her age.  My Dad has shown pictures of her and my sister together to new friends and said he has two daughters and then say “Actually, this one’s my wife.” No one can believe she’s her age because she looks nothing like it. Dick Clark will be asking her for her secret one day.

She’s thirty years older than I and yet one time when I lived in the same city as her, I was at the mall with her and she ran into an old friend. My Mom’s a divorcee who remarried and this friend said to her while seeing the two of us, “Is this your new husband?” Only with my mother could an event like that happen.

I’ve called her every night after class just to let her know how things are going. She always wants to hear about it. There are times when she asks what I’ve learned and I have to say “Mom. Do you really think you’d understand it?” I don’t mean that insulting. My Mom’s just not that type. She prefers Max Lucado. I prefer reading philosophy and theology.

At this point in my life, wherever I go, I believe my mother will be my biggest supporter. I try to treat her well which has led her to say that whenever I get married, my wife is going to be spoiled rotten. Supposedly, a man marries a woman that reminds him of his mother. In some ways, that concerns me, because I really want to get married and I’m not sure if there’s another lady out there quite like her.

Well Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. Maybe next year I’ll be able to see you. Hopefully though, you’ll be in town soon and I’ll see you then.


Your Son.

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