Simple Things

I was talking to a friend recently about the blogs lately on perfectionism. She was telling me how she liked that what restored me to wonder in a time I mentioned was a simple thing. It was realizing that I have a good friend nearby who I can always count on. Indeed, as I write out that sentence, I do get a sense of joy thinking about the value of a good friend.

Much of that came from prayer last night and my prayer that God would bless my friend. I’d like to say things stayed that way but I’ll just confess that it didn’t take too long for me to be on my job before I had enough bullets come that knocked me into a melancholy mood again. There are many reasons I want to be in a new line of work until I get my own ministry and/or teaching position.

But my friend had earlier been saying it was something simple. That’s quite amazing that she noticed that. I believe we have a huge problem in our society today in that we expect God to act in huge ways to get our attention. In doing so, we overlook so many of the simple blessings that we can have in our life. To know that God is there does not require a miracle or a huge event. It simply requires opening your eyes and seeing what is there.

I already hear an atheist complaining about the Problem of Evil.

This is where something simple comes in.

Can the atheist tell me why there is so much good in this world?

Let’s go with simple things. This one might surprise some people, but I have an addiction to water fountains. If I’m out in public and see one, I have to get a drink. I just love the cool and refreshing taste. Each time, it is a testament to me of the divine. Water is essential for us, but I find it amazing that it’s cool, refreshing, and has a great taste.

While talking to my friend last night, I mentioned ladies again. She knows I have a great obsession there. The beauty of a lady is something astounding. I’ve written papers on beauty. I’ve used the argument for objective beauty. I still cannot tell you what it is that makes a lady so drop-dead beautiful. Now some might say “It’s her hair” or “It’s her eyes” or “It’s her figure” or “It’s her legs.”

Yeah yeah yeah. I’m hearing all that.

Why do we find those beautiful though? I can go into form and proportion and clarity like anyone else, but in the end, there is something mysterious about it but glorious as well.

The form of woman is just beautiful.

Where I work, I can often look up and see the name of the town that I live in at the store. It is amazing to me when I think about it. I am so far from where I was originally. I was born in one town and now my journey has taken me to another. I’ve left everything behind and I’m facing challenges here. Of course, I’m not alone in doing so, but that is still something amazing.

Driving in a new town is something interesting as well. There are so many roads that I don’t know where they go. You listen to radio stations and you realize with hearing about local politics that so much is going on and it was going on before you got here. You hear chatter in the workplace and know about friendships that have been here long before you got here. You see buildings on the side of the road and realize those aren’t the ones you grew up seeing.

It’s just incredible.

I also here can frequently talk to people that I only dreamed about having a relationship with one day. New friends entering the scene is incredible as well. All of these people are now becoming the focus in my life and in many ways, it’s like having a second family. Of course, I still have my family back home, but I now have new people I have to lean on and that are to be supportive of me as I am of them.

Those are simple things. They’re not miracles. They’re just little things that remind me.

It’s going out on the patio at night and looking up at the stars. It’s sitting down with my roommate to play some Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It’s surfing online and debating other worldviews. It’s turning on an episode of Smallville, Monk, or House. It’s going to the grocery store and realizing that I am facing my own challenges. It’s simple.

Maybe we get so caught up wanting big things we overlook those simple pleasures?

When was the last time you thanked God for those?


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