Who Will Reach Them?

I wrote yesterday about going to the Mormon church. It was truly a saddening event especially as I saw the youth. They’d stand up and talk about the joy of God and following Jesus and I was thinking, “You don’t have the joy of the real God and you’re not following the real Jesus.” I still stand by that. I don’t stand by it because I like it. I stand by it because it’s true.

It’s not just the youth of course. It’s everyone. These people have their whole lives revolving around Mormonism. Their church life is Mormon. Their jobs are Mormon. Their friends and family are Mormon. To break away from Mormonism is to change everything and we lose sight of just how serious that change is for a Mormon.

Right now, there are millions of Mormons and the number is growing every day. In fact, Mormonism could be the next world religion. Of course, they’re nowhere near the number of Protestant Christians or the number of Muslims even, but the number around the world is growing. This visit made me realize how many Mormons live where I live.

Yet who will reach them?

In fact, who is even trying?

They come and knock on our doors and what do so many of us do? We say “Not interested” or we slam the door in their faces. Friends. I can understand being annoyed, but you’re not going to get them to the gospel that way. You’re only going to increase a persecution complex. If you can’t meet with them then, at least say “Guys, this is a really bad time. Can we arrange another date?”

“But I don’t know how to talk to Mormons!”

First off then, you need to study some. These guys are studying as well before they go out. You need to study also. Most especially, I would rather you know your Bible well than you know their Scriptures well. If it has to be one or the other, make the emphasis be to study the Christian Bible, especially getting a good grounding in doctrines like the Trinity and the Atonement.

Second off, call a good friend over who can help. I had a friend call me in my old town once because he was dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses and he wanted me to come over. I was more than happy to do so. Talk to your pastor and see if there is someone at your church who is really good at dealing with Mormons. See if they’d be willing to meet with you with the Mormons and even better, see if they’d be willing to train you.

Third, pray. This is something that needs to be done for these people regularly. If we change our religion, it usually isn’t as big a shift as it is for these people. You must remember their whole lives are drenched in Mormonism. To ask them to change is not a small thing. It is a huge and monumental thing. Remember also that you must have something in its place. Don’t knock off the cane of Mormonism from under them unless you give them something else to walk with, particularly the Christ of Scripture.

Fourth, have your testimony ready. Testimonies mean a lot to these people. I don’t place much stock in testimonies, but if it’ll help bring a Mormon to Jesus Christ, then do it! Make sure everything you say is true of course, but you need to be sure you know what difference Christ has made in your life and it needs to be more than a feeling.

The Mormons are growing more and more and they can be reached. They just need people willing to show the love of Christ and reach them. How about you? Are you doing what you can to reach Mormons today, or are you just hoping they go away?

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