That Means Nothing

A few days ago, I was at work and taking a lady’s check and I noticed that she worked for a pre-natal company. I made a remark about how she must deal with birth a lot in her industry. She asked how I knew and I told her it was on the check. She then asked if I had any kids and I indicated my finger. She didn’t catch on to which I said “I’m unmarried.” She then said, “Oh that means nothing. Many girls come in who are unmarried.”

Ironically, what she said could be the way many approach marriage and sexuality today. When it comes to sexual purity, not having a wedding ring means nothing.

As a single guy, I am one who notices many ladies and I look to see how many of them have rings. If they have wedding rings, I have to say “Off-limits”, no matter how cute they are. (And many times, it is something I have to say regretfully but with thinking that some guy is a lucky guy.) Today though, it is true that many a family can be seen with the parents not having rings. Many a girl can be seen pregnant and not wearing a ring.

This ties in with the post yesterday about homosexual marriage of course. G.K. Chesterton once said the problem is not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting. Instead, it’s been found difficult and left untried. I believe the same is happening for marriage today. Marriage is being found difficult and is being left untried. It’s easier to live together or to just have free sex.

What happens in the end is that we have a society that does not know what marriage is, hence, there is an urge to re-define it. We do not know what sex is any more even, hence we have confused actions with essences. We also do not know what happiness is any more in that we have equated it with satisfying our own desires.

I believe a wedding ring should mean something. Marriage should be treated as holy and sacred especially by the church and it’s time to return to that. I plan to write, and this could even be started tomorrow, more on why I think it is that marriage is failing and place this on such topics of what love is, what sex is, and what happiness is.

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