Abortion: Anti-Female

I was talking to a really good friend of mine who’s a good and godly mother of older children. She is also a schoolteacher and was telling me about watching some boys that were, I think eight years old, talking about why it’s better to be a boy. However, a young girl stood up and said though that the girls have an advantage. They can have babies.

This friend told me what was already on my mind. A child already sees the truth of that statement. Today, many women seem to view having babies as a punishment.

Ironically, abortion is one of the most anti-female acts that there is today. If we were to castrate a man, we’d see that as a punishment on him. If we make it so that we destroy the fruit of a lady’s womb, we can see that as her moral right. What has happened?

The fight was for a woman to control her own body. Women have often complained of being seen as simply baby-makers. They’re to supposedly stay home and be barefoot and pregnant. Women should not be seen as just sex objects. If that’s the goal, then I agree, but what is going on with abortion. Why this demand to control sexuality?

Let’s suppose first off someone raises the objection about rape, incest, or the life of the mother. Now I think abortion is still immoral in those cases, though I understand the thinking on those who disagree on the last one. However, I would gladly accept a law that said that all abortions except for in those cases are declared illegal.

The only other reason I can think of then is that a baby is an inconvenience. Well yes. A baby often is. That also doesn’t cease. Getting up at 2 A.M. for feedings I’m sure is an inconvenience. Having to take kids to school is an inconvenience. Having to buy clothes for them is. Having to save up for their college. Having to teach them how to drive. Whatever you want, it can be an inconvenience.

How many parents though would trade away that inconvenience?

Could it be instead though that a baby is an inconvenience to a sex life?

Oh no. Our nation is not obsessed with sex at all! It’s only on public TV and in the movies and in the music and in the magazine rack and in the literature in the bookstores and on the radio and on broadway and in our school system! There’s no obsession though! Sure, we have people living together without marriage increasing and a rising teen pregnancy and a huge problem with STDs and the pornography industry, but there’s no sex obsession in America.

Pregnancy can kind of get in the way of that.

This is one reason I’m against birth control. I have a problem with separating intercourse from its final purpose. I’m not saying it doesn’t have other purposes. I’m all for pleasure and intimacy between a married couple. I’m just saying that it was designed to be the way to produce children. There are many other ways to have pleasure and intimacy also. Sex may be the best, but pleasure and intimacy are not its primary purpose.

Consider though if I am right, and I am sure I am, and giving birth is the most feminine thing a lady can do. If that is the case, then abortion is an attack on womanhood. It’s not pro-women. It’s anti-women. It is not allowing them to do what they were uniquely designed to do. Only a woman can bring a new life into this world.

Now naturally, I also think abortion destroys a human life each time, but at this point, I simply want to point out that this is not something good for women. Others have written of the after-effects of abortion on women and the medical and psychological problems. That’s not my area and not my point. I only want to point out that if a lady truly wants to stand up for women, she can start by standing up for the unborn against abortion.

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