Becoming Beautiful

I’ve been writing lately on how important beauty is. I had much time to think about this after being on vacation. It’s quite amazing to see the beauty of the ocean and think “When all the ugliness even here is stripped away, how much more beautiful will this place be?” I happen to believe God will make our planet even more beautiful than it has been in the eschaton.

What about us though? We consider our sin evil. Do we ever consider it ugly? Do we really? Do we consider how important beauty is to our world? Or, do we think ever think that it might be more than just taste? Could it be that when we say that something is beautiful, we are saying that beauty resides in the thing itself and not just our opinion of it?

The magazine “Lucky” has a picture on the front of it of Milla Jovovich and it says “Milla Jovovich gets sexier and sexier.” Now I don’t know who that is honestly, but I did see the picture and did find her right attractive. However, I also started thinking about that idea of getting sexier and sexier and thought, “You know, that should apply to Christians also.”

Of course, I do not take sexiness to refer to just the physical, although I do believe it includes that. We are not gnostics. A Christian though should be increasing in beauty as much as they are in holiness as they walk in Christ and I believe that will show up in the physical also. We men at least all know girls who physically look like supermodels, but there’s nothing there. On the other hand, some that would be considered “plain Janes”, but they’re absolute knockouts.

Thus, if a lady wants to be more beautiful, she should grow to be more like Christ. If a man wants to be more masculine, he should seek to grow more like Christ. If a marriage is meant to be a marriage made in Heaven, they should seek to have that marriage follow the teachings of Christ and have him as Lord of their marriage. Following the path of Christ makes anything better after all.

If that is the case also then, if a marriage wants a better sex life even, seek to be more like Christ. Who should have the best marriages? Christians. That includes the bedroom as well. (Already, I can hear some guys thinking they’d never considered this aspect of Christianity.) After all, this is God’s gift just as much and what better way to enjoy it than by following his commands about it, and if we are doing so, it should be the most enjoyable of all for us.

Our marriages should be intensely awesome. Instead, they are seen as curses often. Many of our marriages are falling apart and the secular world is seeing it. We as Christians should be showing the reality of marriage. Could it be so many young men and women are sleeping around and living together because they’ve been shown a bad idea of marriage? No one is a stronger opponent of pre-marital cohabitation than I, but we must understand that part of the reasoning behind it could be that so many young people saw bad marriages and think it’s proper to give a “test run” first.

And again, this should show in sexuality. We too often in the church in preaching on this topic have given only the negatives. Aren’t there any positives at all? You never hear them! You don’t hear the emphasis of the joy of sex. Sorry, but as a single guy, I would much rather hear a sermon on the joy of sex than just hearing “True love waits!” Yes. I know it does. I know it does because I’ve heard it umpteen times. (and when you’ve been waiting like I have, it is hardly pleasant.)

We want our women to think they’re beautiful? Teach them to be good Christians. We want our men to be men? Conform them to the likeness of Christ.

Bringing Christ in our lives can only make us more beautiful. He is not just the God of all good. He is the God of all beauty as well.

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