Do You Know Who That Is?

My roommate is not a Smallville fan.

*Pauses as he imagines people saying “And you haven’t killed him yet for blasphemy?”*

No. No. No plans. Now he’ll come in sometimes though while I’m watching and watch a scene or two, but to watch a full episode, it hasn’t happened yet. However, he recently said something while I was watching an episode that made me ponder the way we view truth about God and how we have an inadequate view of him.

In Season 1, Episode 18, Drone, Clark gets thrown into politics when Pete nominates him for Class president. Upon the encouragement of Lana, he decides to run against three other candidates. One though, wants the position badly and is willing to do anything to get it and turns out, has the power to control bees.

Two opponents have been hit with a swarm. One is in a coma and the other is in the hospital, but not in a coma. Clark is left and he manages to survive an attack. It is then that he calls the other candidate, Sasha, to his barn to talk.

At first, he makes it sound like he’s going to drop out, but then while she’s walking away confidently, he accuses her of putting her opponents in the hospital. 

Clark: I know you’re behind the attacks.

Sasha: So? What are you gonna do, Clark? Even if the police believe you, they can’t stop me. No one can.

Clark: Try me.

It was at this point my roommate was watching with me and said about Sasha, “Yeah. Real smart.”

Now for us, we are prone to think, “Yeah Sasha. Go ahead and try to take down Clark Kent.” However, we forget something. She doesn’t know who Clark Kent really is. Let’s list some things Clark has survived up to this point.

Being hit by a car at 60 MPH.

Hand in a shredder with no damage.

Being electrically supercharged.

Being hit by a swung construction beam.

Being in an explosion of an automobile

Walking through fire.

Thrown and landing on his back on a car.

Being frozen solid.

Having a knife shatter on him as someone tried to stab him.

Being run over by a tractor trailer.

Being hit by a bus and stopping it.

Having a two-ton generator fall on him.

Having a mace shatter upon hitting him in the face.

Being shot with an uzi.

A fist in his insides. (Episode Kinetic. It’s easier to watch than explain.)

Being shot with a shotgun.

Having a life-decaying figure touch him and start to suck the life out of him.

All of these he’d survived unscathed not to mention the constant contact of meteor rocks. (a.k.a. Kryptonite.)

And what he’s done up to this point….

Pulled automobiles and lifted them like they’re nothing.

Pushes in nails with his fingers.

Rips the hood off of a car.

Bending steel pipes

Running posts through granite.

Ripping a safe out of a wall.

Throwing said safe.

Ripping apart a security cage on a priceless artifact.

Breaking bones practically with a handshake.

This is not in neglect of the general super speed, super strength, X-ray visions done in beating up every bad guy in Smallville.

Now let’s go back to that scene.

If Sasha had known those things and who she was dealing with, would she have acted differently?

For those who don’t know, Sasha’s shortly thereafter said:

Sasha: You may be thick-skinned, but what about your mother?

Thus, Clark had to save his Mom from a bee attack. Would it have come though if Sasha had known who Clark was? Doubtful.

Okay. Some of you are thinking this is interesting, but what has this to do with anything?

How would we act if we knew who God really was?

We talk a lot and we can say the creeds and we can defend orthodoxy, but is it doing us good if we do not have acknowledgment of who he is? We speak of him as sovereign. Do we believe it? We speak of him as holy? Do we believe it? We speak of him as loving. Do we believe it? We speak of him as omnipotent. Do we believe it? We speak of him as omniscient. Do we believe it?

You get the picture.

Thus, we will do something we know is wrong in sin against this God and could it be we are making the same mistake Sasha made? We do not see the one we are dealing with as he really is. Perchance if we caught just a glimpse of the splendor and power of God, we might view things a little bit differently and not live our lives as if he wasn’t there often?

Sasha can be justified for not knowing who Clark Kent really was. He hadn’t really revealed himself as God has. Unfortunately, that didn’t help her as she still wound up in the hospital at the end and even later when she makes a reappearance in Season 7, as she dies in that episode. Yes. Sasha’s mistake was still fatal.

Let us hope we are not making a fatal mistake and having a false view of God also.

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