A Year In Review

Today blog readers, I celebrate a year. About a year or so ago, DeeperWaters stopped having new posts for a few days. (And I thank those of you who kept reading anyway!) Why? Because your blogger was moving to a new town. This day a year ago, I was on the road and heading towards a place to live that I’d never seen. I’d seen the town of course, but never the place where I live now. While now my computer and game systems are hooked up and connected and my bedroom is fully furnished, a year ago, there were boxes on the floor and just a mattress in my bedroom I slept on that first night.

I thought about this a lot last night. It’s amazing how one’s life can change so much. I still think to myself at times that I really am here and that I really am going to Seminary. I’m still blown away by it all and still amazed that someone like myself is here.

My roommate and I have made several good friends as well through the school, the church, and work. It seems as soon as we moved in that we were already hobnobbing with the leadership. We are friends with people who have high positions in both places and have both already become recognized. I believe it’s providence watching over us.

Every time I’ve been in a financial bind also, something has come through always. The doors have opened that have enabled me to keep my schooling going and they seem to remain open. I know I’ve got several friends looking out for me and are willing to do whatever they can to make sure I make it to the end.

Friends are the main thing. I have often said this on my blog. My friends mean everything to me and last night, I tried to do a mental review of all the new friends I’d made in a year. It’s quite touching as more and more names and faces keep popping into one’s mind and you realize just how blessed you are to know them.

There are the new experiences also. My roommate and I are members of the Y. I’ve never been one before and now, I find I quite enjoy it and one of the plans for when I get a better job so I can afford to do more is to take swim lessons. My roommate, who I swear has gills, is a great blessing. There is one thing that he does that most others don’t do.


Seriously. He goes and enjoys his own thing and that is far better than any pushing. My roommate does not push me to do things, and I find that extremely helpful in getting up my own motivation to do them. I am not doing something to please him then. I’m doing it because I want to and not because he wants me to.

Learning my way through the school system has been a challenge. At first, I felt overwhelmed with all the work, but my first semester was probably the hardest. I started with three classes and I was told that I had jumped in on the deep end. Still, I managed to pull through all of them and do great in all of them as well.

I’ll also say my knowledge and capabilities have improved definitely. I find myself better prepared in engaging arguments from the other side and even asking questions more of my own side in order to get better answers. Christianity needs the best defenders that it can get in an age becoming more and more hostile to the notion of truth itself.

It’s also been an experience learning better discipline as I try to turn the computer off at a decent time, leave gaming for a specific time, watch Smallville at a specific time, and do my reading at a specific time. All of this while keeping up with my internet duties including bringing the blog to you my faithful readers.

So here’s to a year! Let’s hope for many more!

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