Thoughts On An American Carol

Today, I first off did my civic duty by going and voting. I did vote for McCain of course. I’ve posted my thoughts on Obama’s abortion stance and his socialistic policies greatly concern me. Being one politically interested, I went to see An American Carol tonight with a friend of mine. Now some parts were a bit corny I thought, but overall, I did enjoy the film.

For those who don’t know, this is a conservative film done by conservatives as a parody of Michael Moore’s films. In a variation of the Christmas Carol classic by Dickens, Michael Malone is visited by John F. Kennedy who tells him that he stood up for America and believed in our nation. To teach Malone true patriotism, Kennedy will have him visited by three spirits.

I’ll grant Kennedy was not my favorite president. He was one though who did believe in using tax cuts and even saw McCarthy as a patriot. Also, for his war service, he was a hero and no one can deny that. I deplore much of what Kennedy did in office, but I do get admiration when I hear about some of the good things he did and how he risked his life to save his fellow soldiers.

The first one to visit Malone is General Patton who is played by Kelsey Grammer. Grammer does excellent. He comes across as a true soldier would who doesn’t hesitate to deal with the enemy and believes in America. It’s a performance that leaves one wanting to go out and fight for the greater causes that are out there and ponder that yes, this truly is the greatest nation on Earth. 

Patton shows Malone anti-war demonstrations going back to F.D.R. and how the Neville Chamberlain technique doesn’t work. Dictators and others who are just evil don’t understand peace talks. Let it be clear. No one likes war. No one should at least. Sometimes though, we have to do things we don’t like to achieve greater goods. 

Patton also took Malone to a university showing the indoctrination that is going on. It would be unbelievable if one didn’t see signs of it going on. Historical revisionism is now a reality and the more young people I talk to, and I speak as one of them even, the more I am convinced we are raising up a generation that doesn’t know how to think.

Most amusing in this part is the scene with the zombie ACLU lawyers trying to take down the Ten Commandments from a courthouse. The scene is made to be like a Resident Evil game with having to shoot down the enemy. The truth is that often times the enemy is right in our midst and that sadly, in the idea of not wanting to offend anyone, we have left ourselves open many times. When my Dad and I flew to New York once, we were pulled out of line by security for a check. I wasn’t bothered by it at all. (Fortunately, I had a card with me to explain my back having steel setting off security.) In fact, I was honored by it. I was proud to know that people were out there trying to keep me safe. I don’t know about you all, but when I fly, I want to feel safe on a plane. 

Malone also goes to see Bill O’Reilly who is interviewing “Roise O’Connell” making a video about Radical Christians. The whole video shows the way Christianity is nothing like Islam and is not the threat it is often thought to be. The idea of Christians taking over planes with crosses and Bibles or nuns blowing up buses is ludicrous.

The idea of Islamic terrorists taking over cockpits and blowing up buses isn’t.

The next spirit that visits Malone and only briefly is the spirit of George Washington who talks about the church he attended and how he prayed there often. He shows Malone the remains of 9-11 and how 3,000 innocent human beings died that day along with the people who tried to rescue them. Let us be sure of this. We will never forget that day. For those interested, Washington was played by Jon Voight. 

The final was the Angel of Death who was played by country singer Trace Adkins. Adkins takes Malone to a Hollywood that has been taken over by Muslims. Then, he takes him to a Detroit that has been hit by a nuclear strike with Malone as a victim being laughed at. After all of this, Malone changes his ways and does so just in time to foil a terrorist plot and renounce a gathering he had had to remove the celebration of the 4th of July.

Overall, I was very pleased with this film. While it was a bit corny at times, I found myself thinking “What did go into the history of this great nation of mine?” I found myself thinking maybe it is time I started digging a little bit more. This election has increased my interest in politics, but one dare not have an interest in American politics in America unless they have an interest in America. Politics should be about making a good society. Are we doing our part in America to make a good society?

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