John 1:16

We’re going to resume again going through the New Testament and looking for clues to the Trinity. I would also like to extend my thanks to Fred and Raphael for their comments. It is much appreciated and hopefully such questions can be used to stop the silent holocaust that is going on in America and thinks to recent legislation, our tax dollars are now supporting overseas. Tonight, we’re going to continue our look at the prologue of John and we will be looking at John 1:16.

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

Something easy to overlook is that this verse is talking about Christ. Christ is seen as the source of grace and blessings. John is reminding his readers that if they have any blessing in life, they have it because of Christ. This is certainly a high view of Christ that is being endorsed in this passage.

It is the fulness of his grace also. Christ is not lacking at all in grace. How could he if he’s very God? If you want to know if Christ can become more gracious, the answer is no. You might wonder why you do not see his blessing on your life. If the problem is not with him, it could be that you’re not receptive of it.

I don’t want to sound like a prosperity teacher however in saying that. When I speak of blessing, I am not speaking of loads of money or never being sick. I am speaking more of the simple joys that take place every day around you and that you don’t take the time to consider. Lest you also think I’m only talking about you, I’m not. I’m just as guilty of it.

This is found by you just focusing on the things in your life. Are you able to read this right now? Consider yourself blessed that you have eyesight. Maybe someone else is reading it to you if you’re blind. Consider yourself blessed that you have hearing. Chances are you’re reading this on your own. Consider yourself blessed that you have a computer and hopefully you live in a country where you have the freedom to read these kinds of materials online without fear of the government.

What else do you have? Consider your family. Consider your friends. What all is going on? Have you considered especially the great Christian truths? Have you considered that Christ is alive and that God is on his throne right now? Have you really thought about what an awesome being God is lately, or is that one problem you have in your life somehow eclipsing the grandeur of God? (For those who think I am pointing fingers again, I am still speaking just as much to me as I am to you.)

I often wonder how much better our lives would be if we would just take some time to consider the nature of the God we love and serve and what he is really like. I look forward to the day when the church returns to strong doctrine that will also result in right living.

Today, from his fulness, you have received one blessing after another. Can you really count them? Just consider them and as Paul says in Philippians 4:8, think on these things.

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