Susan Boyle: The 1:24 Critic

Yesterday, I blogged on Susan Boyle and in listening to her today on YouTube, I saw consistently remarks being made about the girl at 1:24 in the video. The term used often to describe her is one I will not use here as I prefer this to be a blog that is family-friendly. I’m sure my readers can use their imagination and realize what that term was. The girl at 1:24 can be seen here in this video of Susan Boyle’s performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” which you should see if you haven’t.

The problem people have with this girl is that she was rolling her eyes at the thought of Susan being a great singer before she said anything. She had pre-judged her wrongly. Personally, I agree with that. I am not here to condone that. If something is wrong, there can be reasons why it was done but never justifying reasons why it was done. You cannot justify an evil action. God does not justify sin. He justifies sinners.

However, what sickens me about this is that I’m sure this girl is regretting the action that was done enough. There don’t need to be any reminders of that. What also sickens me is that while we sit here and condemn her for how she was acting, let’s be sure that many of us were in the exact same boat. There is a reason Susan Boyle was a surprise. No one was expecting it. This includes the judges. The judges made it clear that the audience had been internally laughing before she sang and that everyone there was against her.

This girl in the audience is just like the rest of us. We’re cynics today that are quite superficial. No one was willing to give Susan Boyle a shot for so long. Everyone had pre-judged her. Could it be that in wanting to go after the girl in the video, we’re instead really wanting to go after a scapegoat so we can excuse ourselves for having the exact same attitude?

Those of us who are Christians should be especially aware of this. How many of you all know your past sins? Do you really need to be reminded of them? Do you really want them put on display for everyone to see? This girl did something wrong and unfortunately, she happened to be the one the camera was on at the time. I seriously doubt the other people in the audience were much better. Does that excuse what she did? Again, it does not. It should make us realize that we could easily be caught under the microscope unawares and we don’t want our sins to be broadcast.

Instead of condemning this girl, which has already been done, maybe we should take some time to examine ourselves. Are we any better? Still call the sin wrong, but remember the sin is not the sinner. We don’t know this girl’s spiritual state. She could be a Christian. Let her know the forgiveness of Christ again. She might not be. Are we showing her the love of Christ?

Susan Boyle is to be honored, I agree. However, let us make sure that we are being real with how we deal with others. Are we any better?

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