On The Death of George Tiller

Sunday morning, an abortion doctor was shot and killed in his church. George Tiller was known for being one who did late-term abortions and was well known in the media. We will have to go somewhat political tonight, but there are issues here that must be raised.

To begin with, we are pro-life. We do not like the taking of life. There are some cases where we do believe it is morally justified. This is in self-defense and in the death penalty and for just war causes. Now I know some Christians disagree with me on those three, but I do hold to each one.

We do see the act of abortion as the taking of innocent life and there is no proper mandate for it. The concern that I see with some is that we will become those we disapprove of. We see murder taking place. The solution to it is not more murder. The solution is to do what we can to change the laws.

And I suspect the problem is that Christians just aren’t doing enough.

I’m including myself also.

Roe V. Wade happened because Christians were sitting on the sidelines. We lost our intellectual ground long ago without basis. Christianity has always been an intelligent faith but we fled from the fight and retreated to the area of emotion and feelings. When real political issues came up, emotions and feelings weren’t enough. After all, consider the sexual revolution. What does it take to have a “feeling” that Jesus rose from the dead in comparison to “raging hormones for that hot girl over there!”

I believe that most people here in America are pro-life. I also believe most of them are pro-marriage. Yet on both of these issues, we are acting like we’re on the defensive. Why? It is our opponents who should be on the defensive. Our opponents should have to tell us why they don’t think there’s a human life in the womb and why they’re willing to risk ending one if they’re not sure. Our opponents should tell us why they think marriage should be fundamentally altered.

I do not support the action against the doctor because I do not support us being vigilantes. I believe it would only end with each of us being a law unto himself. I do believe we can change things through the legal process and we are not doing enough. I believe we are not doing enough because we do not see what is at stake.

There are times I wonder something. I am single now. I wonder how many beautiful girls there could have been I could have married but I never got the chance to know them and neither did anyone else. Someone took their life. We can think of several instances like this. Was a cure for a disease lost? Was a new invention forgot? Was a great diplomat discarded? The only reason abortion has been allowed is because it has to do with sex. 

What is the Christian to do? I believe we must recover the truth of morality and Scripture. We must recover the truth of sexuality. We must recover the truth of Christianity. We must recover the truth of what it means to be human and once we find these, embrace them, bury them deep in our hearts, and live by them each and every day.

The world will not be changed by military conquest. It will be changed by the conquest of the kingdom of Heaven through the preaching of the gospel. Let’s get started.

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