Happy Fourth of July

We’re still going to break from our talk on the Trinity in honor of the Fourth of July. Now I don’t go political on here often, but I did spend this morning at a tea party. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as enjoyable as the last ones were and my friends and I didn’t stay too long. However, I am pleased about how free our country is. We can gather and protest against our government. Do we stop to realize that there are many nations where you would get executed for that? If you don’t agree with the message of the tea parties, fine. Agree with this however. It is a good thing that they have the freedom to express their opinion and they should not be persecuted by the government for doing such.

As I traveled, I took the transit system since it has a cheaper round trip than paying for parking elsewhere. I consider it a great freedom that I can get on a vehicle like that safely and that I didn’t have to see guards with machine guns around and didn’t have to be searched thoroughly to make sure I was safe. As I say that, I am not against searches in other areas. I have been pulled out of line at the airport and I’m grateful for that. Airplanes no doubt can be more dangerous than the transit system, but even then, you have great freedom on an airplane and most of us don’t fear for our lives from terrorists. (If we have fear, it’s usually more a fear of flying than anything else.)

I also saw walking through a parking lot today police officers deailng with an incident that seemed to involve trouble with automobiles. I considered that later today and thought of how great it is to be living in a nation where I do not have to live in fear when I see the police force and can be thankful that they’re out there securing my freedom. I am not having to duck in back alleys in order to avoid coming in contact with a representative of the law.

I gathered with the church this evening at a family’s house to celebrate the 4th with a picnic. I’m thankful we can assemble as friends together in this nation and get to celebrate that we truly are a free nation. Freedom is a great gift and those of us who live in America should be thankful that we live in what I truly believe is the greatest nation on Earth.

This morning, I was free to read my Bible and I will be free to this evening. All around the world, there are people who would give anything to get to have a copy of Scripture. Some can be arrested and thrown in jail or even killed for the practice of the Christian religion. I don’t have to hide in this nation. In fact, my church is open to all.

I am doing this blog. I have the freedom to do that. I have the freedom to evangelize. I can look on the net and read anything on religion that I want to. I could write a book and get it published and get to spread the message of the gospel that way. I can own books others have written. That is a great privilege.

We are free, and let us not forget that we are free because men and women throughout history have given their lives up for a greater cause. As we celebrate today, let us not forget their sacrifice. Let us honor those who did and those who are making that sacrifice today. Freedom is not free as it has been said. We have a great gift.

Also, those of us who are Christians have another gift, the freedom from the penalty of sin. As we are being sanctified, we are free from its power. When we reach glory, we will be free from its very presence. Men and women died for a great freedom. Christ died for the greatest freedom of all. Government can try to stop the spread of the message of that freedom, but they cannot stop that freedom. Let us rejoice about that.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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