Never Forget

Hello everyone. Today we are going to take a break from our Trinity study to honor those who died 8 years ago right here on American soil. I never will forget that day. I was in Bible College in the chapel when we were getting ready to start a sermon and one of the other professors came in and said that one of the World Trade Center Towers had been hit by an airplane. Now you hear that at that time and you think “My! What a terrible accident! How could that happen?” We had the sermon then and after that, we were told that the other tower had been hit by a plane.

We all knew then it was no accident.

I remember us sitting in the lobby and just watching the news. We were waiting for the inevitable. Those towers were going to fall. We knew they were. When it happened, we were surprised and yet not surprised. We knew it was coming, but the stark reality that it had come finally came on us. We know now about people who jumped out of the 80th story rather than be burned alive in the inferno rising up.

You wonder about those people. Maybe a young man who had married in the past year left behind a lady who was already a widow in her 20’s. Maybe a pregnant mother and her unborn child died that day. Maybe a mother’s only son died that day and now she has no one to care for her in her old age. Maybe a young engaged woman died before she could celebrate marriage to an eager man.

Everyone who died was someone’s son or someone’s daughter. No one was an unknown. They were all known to someone even if not to the world. There are several gaping holes in peoples’ hearts still left behind. Many of us had checked immediately to see if those we knew in the area were okay. I was on Instant Messenger soon after the events talking to people I knew in the area and asking if they were okay.

May we never forget what happened that day. We cannot take the joy of living in this country for granted. This is one reason I keep an eye on what goes on politically in this country. I want this country to be a shining beacon. I believe this country started off great, with a foundation in trust in Almighty God. If we move from that foundation, which we are doing, I do not believe that our country can last, and I do not like the way I see my country going. I hope more people will rise up who will remember that day.

After all, while we remember the many who went to work and never came home, we also remember those who died but weren’t expected to die there that day. We remember the countless heroes. No doubt, some were in the towers. Some were willing to die so that others could get to safety. Several however were emergency officials who rushed into a blazing inferno of death only so they could save any who were trapped inside. They went in and many of them knew that they would never go home and see their loved ones again, but they went anyway.

We should honor such people. We should look at ourselves and see if we would be willing to pay the ultimate price or not. That’s what our founders did. They faced the greatest army in the world at the time and won because they believed in their God-given rights. Today, we face the enemy of Islamic terrorism. Today, we can stand up.

We Christians need to do this in the marketplace of ideas. Every Christian needs to know the basics of their faith. They need to know how to defend it. They need to know what difference it makes. They need to know how to articulate it. However, let us not forget the final agreement, they need to know how to live it.

Let’s also keep this in mind. We mourn the loss of 3,000 innocents who died that day, and we should. Let’s not forget that a bloodbath takes place here in America however every day, as women enter abortion clinics and more than 3,000 are murdered every day. How much longer will the silent holocaust go on? Only as long as we let it. We Christians have the truth. We have the majority. We just do not seem to have the action or the motivation. Innocent babies are dying every day. What more motivation do we need?

Today, and tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives, let us follow in the tradition of the heroes of 9/11, where we will be heroes for those who are dying. Of course, I am not advocating non-Christian means, but we must do something. We cannot stray far from God and think that we will survive.

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