A Tribute To The Curtmudgeon

It is a sad day for the Deeper Waters blogger. I would have normally been going through the Trinitarian Commentary, but a certain event today has caused me to have to change my plans. Before I get to the blog, I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and I ask that you keep them up. I am seeking a lot of wisdom in a certain area and seeking overall to be a better man. Also, the next two days, there will not be a blog as I will be out of town on a little vacation and visiting my sick grandmother. For now, let’s get to the blog.

I am a member of the TheologyWeb forum and this morning as I worked, my roommate, also a member, sent me a message to tell me about one of our members known as The Curtmudgeon. We were greatly saddened to learn that he had been having chest pains and drove himself to the hospital in good spirits, but while there, he died of a massive heart attack.

Curt, as he will henceforth be known, was always a gracious fellow to talk to. Even when you disagreed with the guy, you had to like him. He was one of the friendliest and funniest people that you’d ever met and his last post on TheologyWeb had been one of him offering up prayers for someone else. For Curt, the other person was always the most important.

I’d got to meet Curt at a convention that we had recently. He showed up to our special Saturday night even wearing a kilt which was absolutely hysterical. I fortunately took some pictures of that and as I write this I think that those will be the last pictures of him that I will ever take and that I am blessed to have got to see him in person.

Curt gave us his testimony of how he’d resisted God for so long. He wasn’t exactly living in sin, but he was just ignoring the truth that he knew. He was for the time being taking grad Seminary courses from a distance with the belief that God wasn’t done with him yet.

Does that mean he was in error? I don’t think so. Curt spent much of his time teaching others and helping them with their questions. One of his final acts had been dealing with his relatives recent loss of their newborn child and doing whatever he could to comfort them. Perchance that was what God wanted him to do before he took him home. Maybe his time was spent in ways that we didn’t see to comfort to those who were suffering.

Indeed, that is what he was always doing. We didn’t get to talk much at the convention, but I did thoroughly enjoy the time that we did spend talking. The world of TheologyWeb will not be the same without the presence of the Curtmudgeon. Most memorable will be the way that he always signed his posts, to which I shall do similar tonight to honor him.

We’ll always miss you Curt! We look forward to seeing you again. You are with Jesus now and far better off than we. Earth’s loss is Heaven’s gain.

The (Missing a good and true friend) Deeper Waters blogger.

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