Happy Veteran’s Day

Hello everyone and welcome back to Deeper Waters. I know I said I’d go on with our Trinitarian Commentary today, but I really think it would be more proper today to salute our troops. There are several men and women overseas as I type this right now putting themselves in harm’s way. I can only think of one friend who is in the armed forces in some capacity, so most of them don’t even know what I’m doing here right now, but they’re willing to die so I can have the right to keep doing it.

Our country is here today because there have always been such men. There were men who saw freedom as a good thing and saw it as something worth dying for. They died not only for their families, but for the families they knew nothing about. They risked everything knowing that they would receive nothing in return in this life maybe. Now they could receive some honors spoken over their grave and they could survive and get medals and honor, but more than likely, they do it because it is simply the right thing to do.

These are the men and women who have no idea at times if they will ever see their loved ones again. These are people who have children at home who they might never see again. They might have children at home who they’ve never even got the chance to see. Why are they doing it? What makes someone leave the people he loves the most and go off and risk life and limb?

What is it? It’s something greater than just this lifetime. It’s the cause of freedom not only for their generation but the next. Because they are protecting our generation, the next one can live in freedom. Mothers are free to raise up daughters to be women. Dads are free to train up their sons to be men. Some of those sons could be the next generation of soldiers as well.

These people also believe in a right and a wrong. They believe that there are things worth living for and that there are things worth dying for. They want to live their lives for the good and want to be willing to eliminate that which is evil. They believe that there is something out there that is greater than themselves.

They believe in not just looking to themselves and their time but to the future. We are free because of wars that were fought even in this country two centuries ago. Today, we’ve reached the level we have partly due to the sacrifice of those men and women just like the ones that are fighting for our lives today.

May the blessings of God be on our troops. They are out there taking a bullet so you and I don’t have to worry about taking one some day. These people deserve all the honor that we can give them. Before you go to bed tonight, make sure you’ve taken time to thank God for those people that have died and that are fighting now so that you can sleep comfortably tonight.


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