The Song of the Lamb

Hello everyone and welcome back to Deeper Waters. I’d like to thank someone who contacted me privately to say that they’re appreciating the blog. That’s always something good to hear, as well as their advice on Christlikeness. That is something even better to hear. We will be looking at Revelation 15 tonight in our Trinitarian Commentary. I won’t be putting up the text because I plan to get the main idea of the chapter and so I hope you’ll follow along in your Bibles or at a website like I do wish to reiterate those prayer requests. The first is for my Christlikeness and I am seeing a change take place that does please me. The second is for my financial situation and I am hoping for another great windfall. The third is for another related area. For now, let’s get to the chapter.

This chapter is about the victory of the saints over the beast and we are told about the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb. Once again, the Lamb is the usual referent that John uses when he speaks about Jesus. It’s likely that this is one song that is being referred to joining the old and the new together. For those who want to see the original Song of Moses, it’s in Exodus 15.

So what was the Song of Moses? The Song of Moses was victory after the crossing of the Red Sea. The people of Israel had been delivered from the bondage of Pharaoh. That imagery was always in the mind of the Jew in the Old Testament. God was the God who had delivered them from the land of Egypt.

Later, he was the one who had delivered them from Babylon. For the Jew however, there was always the thought of still being in exile even when they returned. The blessings of God had not been restored to them. They were still in captivity. N.T. Wright has argued that Jesus’s message was in essence “The exile is over.” His ministry was the start of the kingdom of God.

For the song of the Lamb then, it is announcing victory over evil forces. Again, it is not my point to state the timeframe of the events. However, I do wish to state the point of the song. There is victory for those who are in Christ. There has been promised freedom from the forces of evil.

What can be learned from this? It is that those who are united with the Lamb are victorious. We do not need to fear the forces of evil in any day or age. The same God who delivered Israel out of the bondage of Egypt can deliver us out of any bondage that we face today. There is a continuity throughout Scripture and while I do believe the canon is closed, it is still the same God acting throughout that canon and he is still acting in the world today. No matter our time or place, we can be sure that if we are with the Lamb, we will be victorious.

That is something that should make us sing!

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