Chick-Fil-A Day

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Today is what we call Chick-Fil-A Day. It is a day where we will go to our local Chick-Fil-A’s in response to the animosity they have received for their views on the family. Please note this at the start. Chick-Fil-A is not anti-gay. They are pro-family. There is a huge difference and the claim of anti-gay is made to make them sound like they are in opposition to people as people. No. They just think the unit of the family as it happens to be described in the Bible is that which God intended and they support that.

My family and I will be going this evening. Now I personally with my strange Aspie tastes have never really cared for chicken. I could probably just have fries and an ice cream tonight. Still, I am going with my family because I happen to love the family unit and I happen to love marriage. Those of us who are married say that we will do anything for our spouses. Yet when someone takes a stand against the union that is to demonstrate the greatest love a man and a woman can have for each other, we often sit by strangely silent. That love is unlike any other, one reason being that all things being equal, that love can result in new life.

We’re often told we’re guilty of hate. I’m going to surprise readers and say for me, I am guilty as charged. I hate the attacks on the family unit. I hate the downgrading of marriage. I hate that businesses are being told to be quiet as long as they don’t walk the line. I hate that just because I have a strong conviction on these matters, I am automatically to be labeled as a homophobe or a bigot.

The reality is, everyone hates. We have to because we love. IF you love something, you will hate that which is in opposition. Our opponents hate that homosexuals are not allowed to marry. They claim to hate intolerance. They are doing this because they do not like the way things are. Notice that I have stated in the things that I hate that I have not included persons in that. I have said there are behaviors I hate. I’m honestly not sure if the other side can say the same towards us. For all the time we spent hearing about love and tolerance for decades, that is suddenly gone. For anyone wanting to see evidence of this, I recommend just checking Twitchy.

We should also be opposed to cities like Boston and Chicago wanting to restrict a business from being built just because of disagreements on beliefs. This can get us easily into a totalitarian position. For instance, I am opposed to the Muslim faith entirely, yet if the Muslims want to build a mosque in our community, I will defend their right to build a mosque. They have the freedom of worship. They can peaceably come together with other Muslims. This is their right. I will defend it.

If a homosexual business that was within legal rights was being built, we should also defend its right to exist. We do not have to support it of course, and that much is fine. A company is free to build a business but no one is obligated to support that business. If you do not support Chick-Fil-A, then stay away. You do not have to come there and you do not have to make purchases from Chick-Fil-A. I can defend the rights of a homosexual business to exist, but I also have the rights to not give a single penny of my money to it.

For the homosexual community wanting to support Boston and Chicago, be careful. If the tables ever turn, what will you say? If those you oppose got power, what could you say if they decided to restrict your businesses from opening up or say that your opinion was not to be allowed? This is where we get to true tolerance. Tolerance is not telling the other side to be quiet because they disagree. Tolerance is in respecting the rights of the person you disagree with while disagreeing with their ideas.

For those of us who are going out today, enjoy your day, but remember that there is much more at stake than Chick-Fil-A. Seek to learn what you can about the issues. Most importantly, if you want marriage to be treated as sacred, then you make sure that you are treating your own marriage as sacred.

In Christ,
Nick Peters

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