Deeper Waters Podcast: Michael Licona 6/29/2013

What’s coming up on Saturday’s episode of the Deeper Waters Podcast. Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Some of you have been wondering I’m sure when Michael Licona would show up on the Deeper Waters Podcast. Most readers of this blog and listeners of this show know that he is my father-in-law so it would seem natural that he would be an early guest. Mike has a schedule like everyone else. We had hoped to have him earlier this month, but there were difficulties involving his mother’s health. Now, we’re ready to go.

Some of you also know about Mike from the controversy that arose back in 2011 over his book “The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach.” If you are, I think if you were one who sided against him, you should listen in and hear his view and let it be given a fair shake. There are many misunderstandings of his position and unfortunately, many people will already be convinced of Mike being liberal in his position to Scripture. He is not.

Yet of course, there is much more to this than Matthew 27. We need to talk about the resurrection itself. Mike has written the book that is now the authority on the topic and anyone who wants to give an argument against the resurrection of Jesus had better be capable of making a stand against the arguments in this book. I predict in reality that too many people will handle it the same way they do with Keener. The “too long, didn’t read” applies here.

We’ll hopefully be talking about the methodology as well of historiography. It’s not just about knowing the facts but knowing how it is that you get to the facts. Mike found in his research that many schools teaching history are not teaching historiography. What difference does that make?

What about the problem of miracles? Mike has a chapter in his book on this entirely. Of course, you should know that Craig Keener will be our guest on August 3rd to give us a much fuller treatment, but Mike will have to deal with that objection answering the position of Hume as well as answering modern advocates of a Humean position, such as Bart Ehrman.

Then we get into the facts themselves. What are the facts concerning the resurrection of Jesus? Can we really know anything that would allow us to make a case? Do we have more than just “The Bible says so” in order to show that Jesus rose from the dead?

Finally, there is a section in the book dealing with counter-theories. Many scholars avoid offering theories on the resurrection, but some do. Mike interacts with those theories and gives his reasons for thinking that they do not add up, all the while even commending them where they do meet the necessary criteria of historiography.

I am excited about this interview and for those of you who have questions about the resurrection of Jesus, this is the guest for you! Feel free to call in! Our number for taking questions during the show is 714-242-5180! I hope to hear from you!

The link can be found here.

In Christ,
Nick Peters

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