Do We Need A Bible 2.0?

If God wants us to know His truth, why doesn’t He just give us a new Bible?

Yesterday I wrote on the importance of hermeneutics, and this because the Bible is so hard to understand for so many people. So then the question comes up “Well why doesn’t God just give us a new Bible?” This sounds like a simple concept at first, but let’s consider it further to see some problems.

First off, most of us might think this should be in English, but which English? I live in the South (You know, where English was perfected) and we have a different way of speaking English. If you go to England, there are terms used over there that mean something entirely different than what they do over here. Now you might say “Well each of these different forms of English would get their own Bible. Okay, but even then we still have differences of interpretation. What happens when I communicate with someone who lives in England over what the Bible says? He will interpret his text a still different way than I do.

And this is only in one language! What happens when we add in multiple languages? What happens when we have multiple languages in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and other languages? Keep in mind I’m speaking about languages that most of us know well. There are languages that we do not even have the Bible as it is today translated into yet. What about those languages? If you think the battles that can take place over which translation should be used in a church are intense today, what’s going to happen when there are many different Bibles and each one is supposed to be directly from God?

Second, how are these Bibles going to be sent? Are we going to have to have different people write them again and if so, will we not have the exact same problem we have now where so many people will say that this is the Word of man instead of the Word of God? Are we going to go with the fax from Heaven idea where a Bible will fall from the sky? If so, will this not lead to the possibility of idolatry, or perhaps even certain people absconding with these Bibles and then telling everyone else what they supposedly say and taking advantage of those who do not have Bibles who have fallen from the sky?

Third, are these claims really going to be believed? Let’s suppose one fell from the sky that said “Around 2,000 years ago my Son came to the Earth, was crucified, buried, and rose again to bring about my kingdom on Earth.” How many skeptics are going to say “Great! Now we know?” We could again have the same charges of “These are aliens doing this” or “This whole thing is a fraud anyway.” We’re not going to be able to bypass just simply doing research.

And therein lies the problem. Too many of us today, Christians and skeptics both, are people that want everything just spelled out for us and made simple. Most things worth doing are not going to be easy. They’re going to take hard work, and work is a dirty word to many Americans today. Few of us bother with any kind of struggle whatsoever. We want to have what we want immediately or we don’t want it at all and surely God should make things easy for us. Reality is He very rarely does. Christ wants disciples and disciples are people who are willing to work for the truth and don’t expect it to be delivered to them.

If you want to know if Christianity is true, it will require work on your part if you have hard questions.

In Christ,
Nick Peters

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