My Thanks

What appreciation do I have for those involved in helping us? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Yesterday was my best day since the accident. I made it through the day without screaming in pain and I am finding movement is becoming easier and easier. I can turn my head much more to the left and the right. That might seem small to you, but to me, it is huge.

I am thankful first off for the people who helped us when the accident took place. I don’t know their names and likely never will. I am also thankful for the first responders who came and were at our location practically immediately and helping to get my wife out of our old car.

I am thankful for my mother-in-law staying with us in the hospital throughout all of this. I was afraid of what could happen since already I knew it was my fault and I was beating myself up. I didn’t get any of that though. We were taken out to Subway afterward and over the next few days got help with groceries and driving Allie around when I couldn’t.

Let’s go a step further with that one. Both of my in-laws together gave me my father-in-law’s car while they got a new one for themselves. I think they might have done it because of an offhand remark I made about dual temperature controls being something that it would be nice to have. Their car does have that. Allie really likes it cold when we drive and I have often froze because of it. The car also has dual controls for sound volume so I can listen to my talk radio all I want to and it doesn’t disturb her with her headphones.

I appreciate my own parents calling to check on me. They couldn’t help us out financially and I understand that. They did share about our need with church groups asking for prayers for us.

I am thankful to friends who got in touch with us at the hospital. I am thankful that some people called just wanting to know who we have been doing. I have even heard hopes of recovery from atheists who are my intellectual opponents and that is really touching to me.

I am thankful for the friend who when he heard that Allie had her purse break in the accident in that a strap came undone, he told her to find a purse on Amazon and he would get it for her. In the end, he got two purses for her. Allie is already enjoying and appreciating them.

I am thankful for another friend who got us a heating pad. He had messaged me on Facebook saying he wanted to do this. I told him we already had some, but he’s free to order more if he wants to. He did order another one and it really works great.

I am thankful also for the friend who came over yesterday and wanted to show me this great tape product. It’s something medical in nature that you put on the spot of injury for some healing. I will say that I do think I am recovering so maybe there is something to it.

Of course, I thank my wife who has had to put up with me in many ways. She has had to be there when I had to extend an arm so she could take it and help lift me up. She has also given me some neck massages and put icyhot on my neck to further help with healing. I know I made it hard for her to sleep sometimes because I was constantly wincing in pain, but she was there for me still.

Finally, I thank God. I don’t see any other way Allie and I could have survived that crash let alone walk away. Plenty of people have said that when they had been growing up, a crash like that would have killed them. Allie is especially grateful since she has said several times she could have even been paralyzed.

Tomorrow, at this point, I do plan on doing my show. It might be a challenge, but I can live with that. Hopefully, we’ll reach a place of normalcy very soon. Thanks to all who have been there for us.

In Christ,
Nick Peters


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