Rules For The Honeymoon

How should you start your marriage off? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

I use a program called Nextdoor here in the Atlanta area and with that, I am able to interact with a large number of neighbors. Recently, someone who is a travel agent put up a request wanting honeymoon ideas. I didn’t live in Atlanta when I went on my honeymoon, but I was able to give some advice and said upfront that I was in ministry. Well, why not give some of that here?

I am going to assume that this is a honeymoon gone on right after the wedding. If that’s not you, this might not apply the same way. Some couples go on a honeymoon later on after their marriage after all.

Let’s start with social media. Don’t. Sometimes it’s tempting to put all those wedding pictures on Facebook immediately and see what people had to say about the wedding and everything else. Let me tell you something about social media. Those posts and pictures are likely to stay up. Nothing says you have to read them now.

When I see people posting about how they just got married or saying where they have arrived I always ask them why they’re posting now. Why would you? Posting on social media makes it so that other people are interacting with you and you are more tempted to respond to them. Thus, when you should be cementing more and more your relationship with your new spouse, you are busy interacting with others. One marriage even got ended on the wedding night because the wife would not stop texting her friends.

It can wait. The world doesn’t need to know what you are doing and if you have lived according to Christian teachings, well, they already know what you’re going to be doing on your honeymoon. Also, I do hope you’ve done that, but sadly too many couples are having sex before their marriages. Saving it can make the honeymoon all the more special.

Do the same rule with email by the way. It can wait. There is no need for Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or anything like that on the honeymoon. Anything can wait until you get back.

If you’re a younger couple, like Allie and I were, please talk with your parents beforehand. I know parents always want to check on their children and make sure everything is fine, but I made a request clear to both families. Do not interact with us for that week unless it is an emergency. Parents don’t really need to be involved and really parents, do you want to hear about what your kids are doing on their honeymoon?

We all know I’m a big lover of the books, but this one is very important. Don’t bring them. You don’t need to do work on your honeymoon. If you’re in ministry, take a break from ministry. Seriously. The fate of the Kingdom of God does not rely on your doing ministry on your honeymoon. Of course, if you meet someone and they say they need the Gospel or some situation like that, do it, but don’t seek those situations out.

When we went on ours, the only book I brought with me was the Bible, because that is still foundational for our marriage. Other than that, everything else was left back at our apartment. (And no, we did not live together before we got married)

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