Deeper Waters Podcast 6/1/2019

What’s coming up? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Okay. I get it. You want to examine Christianity. You want to know if it’s true and if it is true, how do you defend it? Yet there are so many claims out there. There are also so many Ph.D.s in legitimate fields speaking on the topics and they disagree with one another. Who are you to disagree with them? Then, if you take any side you are saying some of those experts are wrong.

Add in also that you have a job. You have to provide for your family and oh yes, you still want to spend time with them. The kids won’t stay kids forever. You want to be a good parent. When the time is done, you’re worn out. And here after all of this you’re supposed to go and study Christianity?

How on Earth can you do all of this?

How do you do research exactly on these topics? What’s the way to get the best and do so with the time that you have in your day? Do you have to go off to seminary and get a Ph.D. to have an authoritative opinion? At the same time, you’ve seen people you disagree with speak on topics they know nothing about and think they know everything about and you don’t want to be like them. What are you to do?

That’s why I am bringing on an expert in research methodology. Not only that, but he’s going to be here in the Atlanta area for some other work and is stopping by our show. We are going to be spending an hour together with you all talking about how to do research. He’s a favorite who has been on the show a number of times before, my ministry partner, and a great friend to boot. J.P. Holding is joining me again.

So who is he?

According to his bio:

J.P. HoldingĀ has a Master’s Degree in Library Science and has been running Tekton Apologetics Ministries since 1998. He has also written for the Christian Research Journal.

So we’ll be discussing together how research is done. If you are wanting to do an in-depth scholarly look at something, what should you look for in a book that you want to read? Is it appropriate to read only one side of the argument or should you also be looking at what your opponents say regardless of what side you’re on? What about other mediums besides books such as websites, YouTube, and podcasts?

What about if you’re not doing something like that? Suppose one of your Facebook friends shares a claim and it’s a recent event and you want to know if it’s something that really happened. Did Trump or Obama really say or do that? How is the best way to research that?

I hope you’ll be joining us for this episode of the Deeper Waters Podcast. This will be our first one after the move and I am going to be trying to produce them as faithfully as I can. Please also go on iTunes and leave a positive review of the Deeper Waters Podcast.

In Christ,
Nick Peters


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