And The Glory

Why do we pray that God get the glory? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

What does it mean to glorify something? It means to honor and extol it. It means to treat it as it if you think it is worthy of whatever you are giving it. It may be or it may not be, but you want to treat this object as something special and often, you want others to know how special it is too.

In the Lord’s Prayer, it is God who is to get the glory. We already talked about the Kingdom and the power. This goes right along with that. If God has the Kingdom and He has the power to rule, then He gets the glory of that Kingdom.

This is important for us to remember who are often all about our glory. Now it is not a bad thing to seek glory. Romans 2 encourages us to seek glory, honor, and immortality. The question is how we are seeking it and why we are seeking it.

J.P. Moreland once said that we are here to serve a name and not to make one. If you’re in ministry sometimes, this can be a fine line. You need to get your reputation out there so people can see your work, but you don’t need to make it all about you. If you cannot do the work, others can.

There will likely always be something in us that seeks out for the good of #1. This is why I often tell people to do what is right anyway and purify your motives. A husband might get something special for his wife and in the end, he’s hoping she’ll give him something really special. Should he avoid giving her something because he wants something in return? No. He should do what is right and pray to God that his motives will be purified.

Something interesting is that God has also promised to glorify us anyway. Romans 8 says that if we are justified, we will also be glorified eventually. Jesus gave a parable where He said that if you are invited somewhere, sit at the lowest place so that the host will ask you to move to a better place and you will be honored in the sight of all. Yes. Jesus is telling this story to tell us how we can receive honor.

Seeking honor is not a bad thing and wanting glory is not a bad thing. If you do a job well, there is nothing wrong with thinking you should get something for it. Again, Proverbs tells us that if a man is skilled in his work, he will serve before kings one day. Do the best you can and enjoy the benefits of that work.

But in the end, ultimately God will get all the glory. Everyone will see that He is truly worthy. Some will happily rejoice in that having known it all their lives. Some will only admit it begrudgingly and to accomplish them nothing, but God will get what He deserves.

Then He will either give us what He wants to bless us with….

Or what we deserve.

In Christ,
Nick Peters
(And I affirm the virgin birth)

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