Seminary Saturdays

What’s it like in seminary on Saturdays? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Saturdays are odd when I think about them. In the past, one looked forward to Saturday because there was first off, no school, and second, you could get up and watch a slew of Saturday morning cartoons. Saturday was one of the most anticipated days of the week.

In Seminary, it’s really kind of awkward for me. On Saturdays, I have no pressing responsibilities, which for me can get boring actually. Sometimes, I will take that time to write a paper for class or I will do some Greek homework or something of that sort. Study is still something difficult for me to do, but I try.

Of course, I do try to relax some on that day with gaming and TV, but I will also sometimes try to clean up my apartment on that day. I do have someone I have hired to help by especially cleaning the bathroom for me. It’s not because I’m lazy, but because it’s also hard for me to clean the tub where I take my showers due to the steel rod in my spine.

I go out walking in the evenings if I can and one benefit of that is Saturday is one day of the week where I don’t have to dress up and so I can go out wearing something more casual like a t-shirt if I want to. Normally, it’s walking in the evening when I play Pokemon Go and use my daily incense both and get to meet some fellow students as I am walking. We do have a pool here on campus and I have thought about using it some on Saturday, but I’m really not one much for water.

If I needed to do anything in the way of a lot of driving, I do it on this day also, although I hate driving in New Orleans. Tomorrow, I will be going to the aquarium with an Aspergers group that I found online. I will be up at around 8 AM for that, but it will be worth it for one day. That is another benefit of Saturday. I can get to sleep in if I want to.

I have also been instrumental already in getting a gaming group started here on campus and for all I know, we could meet sometime on Saturdays. That’s another important aspect of seminary life if I haven’t mentioned it so far. It’s getting to meet your fellow students in social events that really are not specifically ministry focused. It’s just students getting together and doing something fun.

I do try to make sure I don’t spend all of the day doing something just purely fun, but to get some work in. I do have a number of books on my Kindle that I am making sure that I read some of in every day. Some I wait specifically for the evening to do the reading in and some I start in the morning and have a chapter at least done before I get to bed.

That’s another day in seminary life. Hopefully, come Monday I can cover Sundays.

In Christ,
Nick Peters
(And I affirm the virgin birth)

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