No. Jesus did not come from Isis

Is Jesus derived from Isis? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

So I’m browsing Facebook and see yet another ignorant meme. This one looks like internet atheist garbage, but it comes from one of those sacred namers. You know the types. Jesus’s real name is Yeshoshua or some variant thereof. Anyway, here’s a look at the ignorance in all of its infamy.

Oh, good grief. 

Now I grew up reading a lot of Greek mythology. My sister had given me an old book of hers about Greek mythology and I ate that stuff up. It was one of my favorite books to go through so I do remember a lot still to this day about it. I could not really ever seeing the name Iaso before. A web search for Iesos did come up with something.

So when I go here, I do see that she was a goddess of healing. However, she was not the daughter of Apollo. She was the daughter of Askelpios. To be fair, Asklepios is the son of Apollo, but that would mean that Iaso was the granddaughter of Apollo. That might seem to some like a basic mistake, but it is still a mistake. The information on Apollo I got here.

Of course, we do know Apollo was the god of the sun and…..


Sun god?

No, no, no. That’s not listed here. The god of the sun was Helios. At times, he was identified with Apollo, but the two were different. They had different families and different origins. 

The claim now is that Iaso was linked to Isis. Unfortunately, we are not told how this link took place. We are just told to assume it. Now some could say to look at the names used and aren’t they similar?

Iaso, Isis, Iesous?

In English, yes, but these people did not speak English. They spoke Greek and Egyptian. We have to see if the names were the same in those languages and that would still be a stretch. Similarities in language even would not be sufficient to make the case. These are the same kinds of people who think the spelling of the name of Jesus was meant to say “Hey, Zeus.”

However, when we look at Isis, no. She did not have a son listed named Isu. Her most famous one named is Horus and if he had the name of Isu somewhere, I do not find it listed. So again, we have numerous problems.

The last part we are told is that there were numerous worshippers of Isis during the time of the Roman Emperors. This is true. What of it? Thus, everyone copied from everyone else? The creator of this expects us to make some sort of inference, but there are no grounds for it.

So in the end, who makes this kind of rubbish? Someone who doesn’t bother to do their research. Who believes it? Someone who also doesn’t bother to do their research and will pass it on. Even just a cursory look on the internet of basic claims here is enough to show there are a slew of problems here.

Unfortunately, these kinds of ideas are shared on the internet constantly and by people claiming to be rational. This is definitely why Christians need to know more of what they’re talking about. How many people at your church do you think would be unsure of what to say to this meme or go about even finding out what to say?

It’s something I don’t want to think about, but we must.

In Christ,
Nick Peters
(And I affirm the virgin birth)



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